6 Things Every 16-Year-Old Needs To Know


Don’t you wish you could go back and be sixteen? Start again knowing everything you know now? My sixteen year old self was so confident and happy, but all she wanted was to be where she is today. And somehow I want to be back where she was then. What she didn’t realize was it was going to be hard, and that it would test her limits. She thought being older would solve her problems, make her happier, braver and a little brighter. I don’t mean to dwell, but if you were given the opportunity would you take it? Putting that question aside I have gathered 6 things that I would go back and tell my sixteen year old self. If I had this knowledge back then, I probably wouldn’t be such a beautiful mess right now.

1. Listen to your mother!

She is a very wise woman, she spots bad friends from a mile away and I know you hate hearing “your mum is always right” but usually, most of the time, always, she is. Not only listen to your mum, but let her be your friend. She ultimately wants the best for you and sometimes just letting her know how you feel and any issues you may be having could improve your relationship and let her respect you more and treat you as an adult.

2. Don’t be naive.

Don’t look at something and see it as a forever thing. It’s nice to wishful think but you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment. The people who you thought would always be there, most likely won’t. Things happen and people change.

3. Don’t wish your life away.

Eighteen came and went so quick for me. When I was sixteen all I wanted was to be 18, and then when it finally came, it wasn’t as grand as I thought it was going to be. Mucking up in school and not doing your homework is the least of your worries, enjoy them while you can! I know it’s cliché but please, make everyday a good one.

4. Prepare to be let down.

Times will get tough. You will find yourself in a tonne of situations that you don’t want to be in, that you don’t know how to get out of and that simply suck. As I said, things happen and people change. People will hurt you, treat you unfairly and you may even get your heart broken. Keep your chin up and be brave. You need to learn to be able to let go because sometimes holding on can do a lot more damage.

5. Boys won’t fix your problems.

Stop worrying about silly boys, and one day someone will come and make you question everything you ever felt. Learn to be independent and most importantly learn to love yourself first and your own best friend.

6. You will change, please don’t be scared.

Your life will dramatically change and you will wonder how the hell did I get here? Time will fly past and you will grow so much, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. Somehow everyday seems to be the same, but when you look back everything will be different. Embrace life, take on any challenges head first and whilst all this is happening – be kind.