I Am A Girl Who Wants Heartfelt Moments, Not Games

It’s exhausting and to be honest it’s fucking stupid. I don’t want to play games and quite honestly I can’t be bothered keeping up with the lies and silly persona that you’re supposed to put on.

A Letter To Remind You That You’re Doing Just Fine

This is a letter is for times when you need motivation. This letter is for when you feel the world is against you, when your day couldn’t get any worse or when you feel alone. It is not to highlight your accomplishments but to admire your strength.

Love Is A Drug And I Want To Get High

I want my own life, and I want him to have his life, and I want our lives to come together and for us to share our journey. I want to share everyone I love with them and I want everyone he loves to share it with me. A world I can share with somebody else.