6 Types Of Friends You Don’t Want In Your Life


1. The ones who make you feel bad for canceling plans or not showing up to things.

People who are understanding and who are accepting of your own needs are the friends you want in your life, not the ones who give you the silent treatment or act petty for not wanting to hang out. You need friends (we all do) who are aware of your own limitations and who are able to still offer you love and comfort even if your friendship isn’t as prioritized as they would like.

2. The ones who aren’t supportive.

You deserve friends who support you in all of your difficult tribulations. People who offer mental and physical care and comfort to you during everything. These are the friends who bring movies over when you’re sad, but also pop open the champagne for you. You deserve friends who want to celebrate with you, who see your success and want to constantly remind you how amazing you are. You deserve friends who take to heart your every accomplishment and bask in your happiness with you.

3. The ones you can’t go out with without them sexualizing themselves.

It’s not fun to have friends who need to be promiscuous every time you guys go out; you need friends who want to go out with you just to go out with you. You need someone who you can take to the bars, a nice dinner, an art show, or wherever, and not worry about them hungry for attention. You are enough.

4. The ones who only know how to talk about other people.

You don’t need friends who only know how to talk shit about other people. You need friends who offer you ideas, who have thoughts on the world, who have opinions on something other than other people’s drama, and who have passion for things you guys can connect on. Raw conversations about your own reality and dreams are far more substantial than anything on Snapchat.

5. The ones who sleep with your ex’s/current crushes.

Don’t talk to people like that, and if you do, drop em’. Enough said.

6. The ones who are inconsistent and fair-weathered.

You need people who stick around, people who value your guys’ friendship enough to not let the minuscule things drag you apart. You are worthy of the kindest friendships, the people who are loyal, supportive, loving and fun.