The Real Reason You Should Date Someone Who Is Completely Wrong For You


Date someone who is incredibly kind and charming. They will give you butterflies in your stomach that you haven’t felt in a very long time. Their kisses will leave your head spinning and feeling like you are walking on air.

Think to yourself, ‘maybe this is it’.

They will seem right for you at first. Of course, they’ll ask to be exclusive with you and for some odd reason you will find yourself thinking way too hard about what your answer is going to be. But you’ll go ahead and say yes anyway.

Date someone who you realize after a while, that they are not your type. After the honeymoon stage has passed, come to terms with the fact that they communicate differently than you and that no matter how many times you ask, they aren’t going to change their ways. Realize that they are not going to give you what you truly need. Realize that they aren’t going to change their habits and hard headed ways just because they are dating you.  

Feel yourself shrinking. Feel yourself losing butterflies. Feel yourself losing all those feelings you had in the beginning. Realize finally, that they aren’t what you want and need. Know it’s not their fault and it isn’t yours. But know that you have to go.

Have the strength to leave.

Have the strength to say goodbye because you know you deserve more than half hearted kind of love. Have the strength to leave without looking back and without saying you are sorry. And have the power inside of yourself to know that you are worth more than to be with someone who can’t even properly tell you how they feel about you.

And then have the strength to learn from this person. Learn that you need to be with someone who takes better care of you. Learn that communication is the number one key for a healthy relationship. Learn that you shouldn’t date someone just to date. Learn that next time, you will only say ‘yes’ if that is what your gut is truly feeling. Learn that you have more pride and love for yourself than you initially thought. 

Learn that you don’t need anyone to help you run errands or to open doors for you. Learn that you are more capable of your dreams than you thought possible.

Learn that you don’t need to be with someone in order for yourself to feel fulfilled and to feel happy.

Wish them well. Realize it wasn’t their fault. They tried their best to give you what you needed. Realize it’s not your fault. You tried your best to give them what they needed. Know that just because it didn’t work out doesn’t mean it was awful. Remember the good moments in between the bad. And let them go.

Realize that all you ever wanted from love, is love for yourself. Realize that you are better alone, than with a love you never wanted in the first place