7 Bullshit Excuses You Should Stop Using To Avoid Therapy


1. “Nothing is going to help me.” You might feel irreparably broken, like no matter how hard you try to fix yourself nothing is going to change, but that’s not the truth. Going to therapy will help you learn how to take steps toward healing yourself, respecting yourself, and learning to love yourself. You’re not beyond help. It’s not too late to start caring about yourself. You can start tomorrow. You can start today.

2. “I can handle my problems on my own.” No matter how independent you are, there are going to be moments when you struggle on your own. Admitting you need help doesn’t make you weak. It doesn’t make you a failure. It makes you strong. After all, the first step toward bettering yourself is admitting you need some help.

3. “Going to therapy is embarrassing.” Whether you realize it or not, you know someone who goes to therapy. You probably know multiple someones who go to therapy. They might not talk about it out in the open — but you don’t have to either. Going to therapy isn’t something to be embarrassed about but you’re under no obligation to tell anyone about your sessions. You can keep them to yourself.

4. “I can just talk to my family and friends.” While it’s great that you have a support system you can rely on during your tough times, talking to a therapist is much different than talking to a loved one. When you’re with a therapist, you won’t have to worry about being judged, or about your secrets getting blabbed to someone else in town. You’ll feel confident that your secrets are one-hundred percent safe. Plus, even though your friends and family want what’s best for you, they probably don’t know how to deal with anxiety or depression as well as a trained therapist.

5. “I don’t want to waste the money.” It’s no secret that therapy is expensive. But there’s a difference between not being able to afford therapy and actively choosing not to spend the money because you believe it’s a waste. When you spend your paychecks on therapy, you’re putting them to good use. You’re putting effort into bettering yourself, into learning more about yourself, into taking a chance on yourself. That’s not a waste at all.  

6. “I don’t have enough spare time.” You can make time for the things that matter the most — and therapy matters a lot. Besides, one of the reasons you might need therapy in the first place is because you’re always running around, stressing yourself out. Even though you have plenty of responsibilities, it’s important to carve out some time to take care of yourself.

7. “I’m too nervous.” It’s scary to attend a therapy session for the first time, but a good therapist isn’t going to make you uncomfortable. They are going to help you feel like you’re in a safe, friendly space. If the first therapist you see doesn’t feel like a good fit, then you can find someone new, someone who makes you feel like it’s okay to open up about yourself.