A Reminder That You Are Blessed, Loved, And Capable


It’s time you opened your eyes and heart to this truth.

I want you to wake up tomorrow say: “The sun is shining. I am blessed! I am loved! I am capable.

I know you can do this and truly live it. Sometimes you just need a gentle reminder.

Your heart will remind you that you are blessed. Your heart knows the full picture!

It will tell you that you have a heartbeat and that means you’re alive. And loved. And capable.

It will tell you that:

– you have eyes that see and that means you have vision. You know what’s possible. You know you can dream and have the ability to go places you only once dreamed about.

– you have legs that move you and that means you can get up and go, you can leave, you can move in any direction you want.

 you have lungs that breathe. That each breath you take is a reminder that you are alive and growing.

– you have a sense of humor, talent, creativity, imagination, love, empathy, insight. And those things bring people and experiences into your life. Friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, art, music, nights out, nights in, travel.

And those are pretty simple things, are they not?

Don’t you agree? Don’t you agree that you’re blessed?

But I get that there are things pulling you down in life. I get that.

But you have to believe that despite all that… not even despite it… amidst it… you are still blessed.

Those things. Those disappointments, frustrations, failures, lost relationships, lost love, feeling adrift, confusion… Those things are the very reason why I say you are blessed.

Those things are a lesson. And you’re beyond blessed to have lessons in your life.

Without lessons, you’d be nowhere and nobody. You’d have no conviction, values, vision, emotion. You wouldn’t!

You’re blessed to have lessons in life. Seriously.

You’re blessed to have lessons that remind you of who you are, of who you’ve become but don’t want to be. You’re blessed to have lessons in your life that make you realize you have bad habits, that you’ve lost your kindness, your empathy. You’re blessed to have lessons that remind you that you can and should walk away from bad habits, people and experiences.

Without them, you don’t grow.

You’re blessed to have lessons that not only remind you of who you are and who you are not… you’re blessed to have lessons that heal you!

Lessons that come after a relationship breaks you, after you lose someone you care about, after you mess up and you don’t think you’ll ever come back, after you disappoint yourself so badly you can’t even bear to look at yourself in the mirror. Those lessons heal you and for that reason, you are beyond blessed.

You are blessed because those lessons – even if they take a long time – they show you that you can come back from anything. You can find your footing again, you can find your heart becoming soft again. You can find beauty again in other people, experiences and yourself. You can fix the cracks that you once found too big to fix in your life.

The reminders are all around you. Your blessings are all around you.

Open your eyes, dude!

When you woke up this morning, the sun was shining and before you checked your phone, your email, got out of bed, looked at your to-do list… all was right in your heart.

You didn’t judge yourself just yet. You didn’t think about your day, your stresses, your frustrations, your lack of. No judgment. You were just alive. In your heart. For that moment.

But then your eyes and ears started to tell you of all the things you had to do, people you had to deal with, responsibilities, stress.

Before that the only things you heard in your heart and head was the music of being alive. And that’s the music your soul wants to hear and be reminded of.

Because if you’re honest with yourself, it’s always playing. You are blessed.

You are blessed. Loved. And Capable.

I want you to try your best to remember this truth and let that music play loud in your life.

Let that song of blessings play as loud as it can go in your heart. Let it drown out the stress of life, the things you hear and see. Those things will come up and go. They’ll be good one day and bad another. That’s life for ya.

But the blessing of life – that music – it’s here to stay. It’s here to stay for as long as you have air in your lungs and a beating heart.

And right now you have that. You woke up this morning.

– You have enough money in your pocket right now to eat today. To put a roof over your head.

 You have people in your life who care about you and you have people you haven’t even met yet who will open your heart even more, people you’re patiently waiting for.

– You have health that sustains you. You have your youth, two legs, two arms, eyes.

– You have hobbies and passions and interests that fill your heart with joy – music, movies, art, sports.

But most of all you have the gift of that first breath you take each and every morning.

You have the gift of looking up and seeing the sunshine in your eyes.

And that is a reminder, a constant reminder that there is a kind, blessed music playing in your life every day you’re alive. It’s a music that reminds you that it’s always there for you to listen to and appreciate, you just have to look for it.

When you do that, I promise you that all those things you worry about, that weight you carry with you… those things will fall into the distance when compared to the abundance of blessings you have in your life – that you now realize you’ve always had and will continue to have.

Let’s go.