7 Facebook Personalities We Wish Didn’t Exist


Social media can be great, but let’s face it, there’s some really annoying people out there that make that de-friend button oh so tempting sometimes. We all have them (or may even be guilty of some of them), the people that go out of their way to ‘show off’ or rub in our faces their Facebook and Instagram perfect lives. Honey, we know that slim waist is photo shopped and we couldn’t care less what you ate for breakfast.

So we’ve compiled the 7 most annoying Facebook personalities that we wish didn’t exist. And just FYI they make ‘Just shut up already’ 4 of our most used words.

The health addict

Just because you’ve done a hard-core gym workout doesn’t mean the rest of us folks lounging around on Facebook want to see it. Besides we know that extra pump in your biceps is because you just finished your weight session. We’re not fooled; we know it doesn’t look like that all the time. Don’t get us wrong, it’s great that you take your health and fitness seriously but do you really have to flaunt it? We don’t think so.

The ‘foodie’

Yes, your over priced, under sized meal looks great, but we’d rather wipe out a whole pizza (calories included) than look at another one of your food related posts. What you eat simply isn’t of interest to anyone except you. Please try to remember this next time you’re tempted to take a perfectly posed photograph of your meal.

The ‘baby snapper’

‘Oh my gosh your baby is so cute!’ is what we thought about a hundred statuses ago. Nothings changed since then and frankly we don’t need our newsfeed clogged up with photos of the same cute baby burping or sleeping.

The ‘Romeo/Juliet’

‘Romeo, Romeo, wherefore out thou Romeo?’ This is basically nails on a chalkboard to us (especially all us single people). Your constant confessions of love to one another make us want to hurl. It was sweet the first couple times, but seriously, everything in moderation please.

The ‘Check in’ aholic

There’s not really a nice way to put this, but; ‘We don’t care where you are!’ We’re not literally stalkers who want to follow your every move, we have lives too but not everything needs to be broadcast for your 600 friends to see.

The ‘traveler’

These people just set out to make us jealous. Yes we can understand they’re having a fabulous time and want to share that with us. But, all of us people stuck at home or work just want to cry every time we see your stunning holiday snaps pop up on our newsfeeds. It makes us depressed.

The ‘hater’

Yep, those haters really are going to hate but not all of us feel that way. Please stop sending out your negative energy. We’d much rather you shared some light; happy posts for once, instead of dishing out on everything and everyone. You’d be surprised; being a lover probably won’t make you burst into flames like you thought you would.