Love Affairs Aren’t Meant To Last Forever


He found his way to her eyes, although she was never able to look straight into his. He knew how to catch her attention. Through glances and concealed smiles, she knew she was too far gone. She couldn’t stop what was going to take place. She fell.

There was a boy who was a rising star, and the girl with the audacity to fall in love with him, all the while knowing that he can never be hers. He was everyone else’s; he belonged to the people that adored him. She was no one to everyone but him. She never stood a chance.

She found herself in meaningless conversations with the boy with a beautiful face. She drowned. They both knew it won’t be long before it had to end, but they kept going as much as they could. They were hooked to the flirtatious laughs that occurred in the confines of a small bed. They fit together as perfectly as they didn’t belong together. It was a push with no pull.

They lied to everyone and each other. Each little lie was strategic to drag their time together longer. They both knew the truth but none said it in fear of smashing the perfect little glass box they’ve built. A little shake could destroy them but they already knew that. They still fell.

After all those nights, sneaking out and in, they remained a perfect little secret. They wanted nothing more than to hold hands in the elevator with people in it, but they couldn’t because he wasn’t hers and she wasn’t his. It was an affair that she took a chance on because he saw her eyes, and decided he wanted to risk it too. She felt the crushing guilt every time he would make her smile. She felt his stare every time she couldn’t bear to look at him. She was ashamed that she was stealing his time – the time that belonged to someone else. He never told her he missed her because he was missing someone else. She waited for him to feel her absence, but he never told her he did. She only knew he did when he would message her out of nowhere. He wanted to see her smile but not be the reason why. He chose the one he had been with for a year. He chose the safe bet. She left him because she knew he would leave soon. He let her. He never looked at her again.

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