7 Huge Turn-Offs Men Commit On Social Media


Is your social media turning off women? But how? You’re handsome, funny, have great social skills and all your friends think that you’re a cool stud! What makes women run for the hills the moment they google you? (And yes, women love google!) If they like you, they will find you everywhere: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram… Well, you have an account! And zap, you’re found! And yes, you’re gonna be analyzed!

So what exactly are you doing that makes women run for the hills, or basically any direction that is opposite to you? Why do keep on getting friendzoned by everyone? Because you’re a nice guy? I don’t think so…


Okay, so now we have all our cool gadgets and the internet! And what do men choose to do with them? Find women on Facebook, add them and ping them like idiots ‘Wanna have friendship with me?’, ‘Hey cutie, nice pic!’ or simple and continuously bothering ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’ and ‘whats up?’ that go unanswered every single time! Do you know why? Because people don’t meet online! That’s just not how the world works and adding someone before you actually meet or talk to them in person just ends the possibility of ever being friends with that person entirely! It’s very simple: go walk up to someone and hit a conversation or ask someone to introduce you; they will not only accept your request when you send it but they will also converse with you and stay more involved with your social media activities, you know why? Because you won’t look like a creepy stalker to them anymore but a genuine person that they met! And if someone chooses to ignore you and doesn’t talk to you, have enough self-respect drop it.


Not to be a sexist, but women like their men to be busy building empires, playing sports or hanging out with their buddies grabbing a few beers. Unless you are networking for real reasons, sharing good information or being witty and hilarious in general, it will never skew in the right direction for you! Don’t even think about sharing that heart break quote/picture if you don’t want to die single. Just trust me on that.

The sexiest thing that a man can be besides being funny, is mysterious. Keep the mystery alive, you’ll need it more if you’re not very bright or funny. A silent man is more appealing than a loud fool.


I’m not saying that you shouldn’t show off those few inches you noticed popping up on your biceps while working out or flaunt that pretty pout of yours. And yeah, that picture you clicked in the mirror when you went to the loo was just too handsome, wasn’t it? Time to shatter the mirror. There’s no other way to say it but even women who upload selfies ALL the time gather a lot of pity. Sure, keep it on your camera roll to track your progress at the gym or upload it if you are a professional trainer and you’re your own best business card, but you’re walking on a tight rope when it comes to selfies. Upload a few and it’s fine — but if most of your pictures are selfies then you will be perceived as a lonely and self involved person. Even if you aren’t looking absolutely gorgeous, a picture of you having a great time with your friends would be a thousand times better option than that pouty selfie. No matter how cute it is, there is no bigger turn off.

Also NEVER EVER, unless you are made to do it on gun point, add a motivational quote in the description of a meaningless selfie no matter who you are! Even if you did it on gun point, take it down as soon as you are released.


There are moments when people post like they forgot where the spacebar is located on the keyboard and got brain washed to believe that Shift+3 is the new space. Regardless of gender, every human being with an IQ higher than a chimp wishes there was a plague that only killed these idiots. Keep up with those deformed hash tag statuses and you’re on a one-way trip to alonesville.

“#beach#sand#FunDayAtBeach#LoveMyFriends#Instapic#Instalove”. I mean seriously, how difficult it is to form one proper sentence stating that you are at the beach and having fun with your friends? To all the people reading that mishmash, you are simply a loser stuck to his phone even on the beach adding Instagram filters to a picture and composing a dumb hash tag sentence that makes no sense to anyone who is still not brain dead.


There is one thing that men always ignore and forget to develop, communication skills, both written and oral! There is Nothing…Absolutely Nothing more attractive than a man who can talk fluently, with confidence and write grammatically correct language! And since English is our official language, it comes down to how you communicate! And no matter how smartly you talk, you are using words on social media and a pen is more powerful than the sword in the modern age! Add a dash of vocabulary here and there and just see the magic work! Language was made for one purpose boys, to woo women and in that endeavor laziness will not do!
And ya don’t forget that stupid linkedin profile that you created long back which looks like an unprofessional piece of shit! You have no idea how much you are being judged on that!


There is nothing that gives women pause faster than a comment like ‘Nice pic dear!’ or anything on the same lines be it for the girl whose picture you just commented on or any other girl on whose news feed it popped on. There is a difference between complimenting with some class or commenting on the situation and these weird, cheesy online phrases that were simply invented to hashtag #foreveralone on your forehead. Don’t do it — even if you’re dating the girl in the picture — if you want to maintain some dignity.


My oh my, will that make a girl in six inch heels run like Usain Bolt! All those lovey dovey Instagram pictures and pledges of your commitment on Facebook relationship statuses need a good spring cleaning after a breakup. You need to do this before your mourning period is over. Abstain from social media PDAs as much as possible until you have a wedding date fixed. Anything less serious needs a little discretion and in case you went overboard and broke up, cleaning up your profile before you set back that status to single is of utmost importance. It will take time, but not more than the the time you will waste fighting your future girlfriend over them. Make love, not war. It’ll be time well invested.

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