7 Things I Learned About Life From Growing Up With A Strong, Independent Mother


1. Be Grateful

When she had the power to look at the few good things going her way even when everything was going wrong, she taught me how gratitude leads to multitude. And now I find myself grateful even on the worst days. My mind is just designed to see the silver lining and I always catch myself feeling so incredibly lucky all the time. Instead of focusing on a divorce, I feel lucky to have such a warm family I’m so attached to and instead of seeing a mark or a blemish on my body, I feel grateful for my smile and my health.

2. Be Kind

My mother is always kind to all – including people who wronged her. And the best part? She taught me how you can do that without ever letting anyone ever walk over you. You can be kind with pride. She taught me how kindness doesn’t cost a dime and it fills your soul even more than the person you’re being kind to. So, I live my life with kindness and I know first-hand that it always finds its way back to you.

3. Believe

Having faith is one of the most powerful tools to live your life with. If you just believe everything will work out fine as long as you have a clean heart and work hard for it, most of the time, it really will. I managed to find so much faith in the Universe’s intentions for me that I have no fear to dream higher than most people think is ‘attainable’.

4. True Independence

She taught me that independence isn’t about wearing a short dress or talking down to a man. That’s not true independence or feminism. Independence is being able to provide for yourself financially and emotionally while still letting your loved ones inside and sharing all that with them. It’s knowing you can live alone happily if the need arose, but not choosing to be alone or rude to prove that point.

5. Be Strong

She taught me that being strong is a choice we make and everyone has that strength somewhere inside of them. Being strong doesn’t mean you don’t cry or lean on a loving shoulder. It simply means that you get up every time you fall down.

6. Change is the only constant

She always told me to live each phase of life to the fullest because there will never be a day like today again. When you’re a teenager don’t wait to grow up and when you have a job don’t wait to retire. Each phase has its own ups and downs and all you can do is really live each of those phases. There will be times you’ll be more beautiful and there will be times you’ll have more money. There will be times you’re single and times you’re in love. Just stop waiting and enjoy what you have when you have it.

7. Be Happy

Most of all, she taught me to be happy. I know external factors have a way to affect our happiness but when I saw her truly smile even at her lowest, I realized that you can really make a conscious choice to be happy. Yes, some days it’s easier than others but you can choose to have at least half a good day, every single day.