Together, We’ll Make A Beautiful Disaster


I have storms in me that even myself can’t get them to calm down. I have thunders and rainfall in my heart that I can’t handle. I have lightning bolts and sandstorms in my chest that make it so hard for me to get my way out.

Luckily, I have a part of my heart in human form who is always ready to calm my storms and take my hand and lead me to a peaceful state.

He doesn’t ask me to run away from the disasters inside of me but he what he is doing is that he sets me on fire so I can face all the catastrophe that keeps raging inside of me.

He calms my storms. He helps me calm my mind and make makes me want to make peace with my heart. He makes me feel alive.

I used to think that no one in this world will be there to face my fiascoes with me but, there he is, reaching out his hand to me telling me to take it, making me feel that he is the one God sent for me to beat all the disruptions within me.

I guess it’s true, what they say; find someone who will calm your storms. And yes, I did find the one for me.

Lastly, it’s not enough that they’re the only ones who should calm our own storms, let us all remember that all of us have calamities and disasters within us, so yes, let’s be the calm of their storms too. Let’s build a castle out of all the eruptions within us. Together, we’ll make a beautiful disaster.