7 Things I Learned While Spending Time Alone


It takes a lot of courage to understand and accept who you truly are, but what can be better than learning yourself and meeting your inner soul, it’s not just about exploring and thinking but it’s a lot more. We’re full of surprises because we can never understand ourselves.

1. The more you spend time by yourself, the more you learn about yourself and your values.

2. You learn who you really are, what you really love, what you want from life without having to look at your significant other and compare your world with theirs.

3. You do things for yourself and not for anybody, you take what you want and you leave what you may not need or not need.

4. You grow and you start taking risks. You listen to yourself and not anybody, you become very independent and dependent on yourself only.

5. You finally accept that you can only make a living for yourself and not for anyone else, after all you’re just an individual who’s dependent on themselves.

6. You understand the meaning of “promises” and you slowly stop making them because you realize the people you loved the most once promised things that you dreamed of and hoped of.

7. Your behavior changes, your attitude changes, but it’s alright until someone starts complaining about you and how careless you have become. Yes, you may become selfish but hey! You once shared what yours, so why share it now?