I Don’t Want You, I Want Us


I want those adventurous moments with you, I want to create them with you, I want to make them come true just for us.

I want us to ride bicycles so we could chase each other around in the streets of Paris.

I want to be the one who can make you smile without having to undress. I want to be the one whom you call Mrs., I want our love to be our drug. I want to fill our hearts with warmth and strength, I want to fill you with positivity so that you can empower us with our atmospheric love.

I want our love to be more than a roller coaster, I want it to be joyful, I want it to be extreme because love can’t be described, but with us it’ll be different since we will create it, we will be the creators.

You will be my ying and I will be your yang and together we will face the world and strive together, to be better than ever.

I want to be that person you wake up to, I want to be the last person you sleep next to, I want our love to be like paradise.

I want to be the first person who you dial to, I want you to prioritize me so that we can get drunk in love.

I want our love to be looked at, I want it to be searched for, I want it to be better than Romeo and Juliet’s and I lastly want it to last, just like how the Gods have written it.

It won’t be the type of love that has its strict rules, we won’t apply rules, the ONLY law that we have broken is the rule of love because love is meant to be saved so are the two beating hearts.

You can forget about promises because love is free and so are the birds, and the birds are what love resembles.

And I sincerely promise to resemble us when the world resembles their love, I will always love you.

I want those “us” moments and not those “I or you” moments.

And when we find each other we will be us and not you or me.