7 Things To Know Before Losing Your Virginity


For all the girls out there that are ready to get their cherries popped by that one lucky guy, here are some things to remember if you want to follow through with this.

1. Be prepared for pain.

It’ll hurt. It’ll hurt a lot. Especially if he’s quite large. That’s why it’s essential to remember to tell him to slow down—like turtle slow, snail slow, grandma slow—and not jackhammer you to climax (and I can tell you right now even if you’re an expert at sex that will probably almost never help you reach an orgasm, it’ll just make your lady bits sore). If you’re terrified of the pain, then do something that helps you relax such as drinking a glass of wine (don’t get too drunk, though! You want actually remember this experience, don’t you?), meditating, or dancing like a lunatic before proceeding to having sex.

2. There will be blood.

Just prepare a towel and try not freaking out too much after seeing it or you could completely ruin the moment.

3. It’s OK to back out at the last minute.

Sometimes people change their minds. If you feel that you’re not ready, then you’re not ready. Don’t you dare let the guy convince you into doing something you don’t want to do. He’s a jerk for doing that, and you should leave him if he does.

4. Use protection.

Just because it’s your first time doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant. You can also get or spread unknown STDs; condoms can save you from that. Whether it is using condoms or going on the pill, you should always be protected. Always.

5. Talk to your mother or to someone you can trust.

If you can talk to someone about sex freely without cracking up every minute, that just shows that you’re mature enough to have sex. Whoever this person is, whether it’s your mother or your best friend, it has to be someone you truly trust in order to ask them the questions you need the answers to. It doesn’t matter if the questions are as silly as “Where do you insert the penis?” or “How you put on a condom properly?” You should definitely ask these questions to feel confident, prepared, and not worry about such things when you’re in the moment.

6. Go see a gynecologist.

Now this is optional, but I did this before I lost my virginity and it helped a lot! I got to learn so much and ask specific questions that my mother couldn’t, including all the birth control options. I got to learn about some that many people haven’t even heard of before!

7. Don’t stress if your first time isn’t perfect.

It’s not supposed to be! Remember the time you tried to learn how to ride a bike? It was difficult; you were very clumsy and fell down a few times, and you laughed a lot. This is pretty much the same thing except a lot more serious. It’s a crazy roller coaster. It’s supposed to be awkward and messy, and you should look back at the experience and laugh about it. No matter how bizarre it’s going to be, it will be romantic in its own special, strange way.

I hope some of these tips will help you girlies in the near future and remember, ladies—stay safe, have fun, and good luck!

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