The 9 Side Effects Of Having Amazing Housemates


1. There’s no such thing as ‘ugly’

No one thinks you’re more beautiful than your housemates do. They’ve literally seen it all- the tornado through your hair when you wake up, your puffy eyes after a good cry, your stunning formal do to that ball, your pyjamas that you practically live in, your I-have-a-presentation-today look, your outfits when you go out on a date- and sometimes, even a sneak peek of your birthday suit. If anything, it’s just being real.

2. You never run out of food

No matter what the time of the day is, no one sits at the communal table without offering each other portions of their food. Better still if you live in a house filled with people from varying cultural backgrounds – because then you now have a greater variety of dishes! TALK ABOUT BONUS POINTS

3. You never stay sick for long

The second someone catches you sneezing, coughing or even wheezing – they’re definitely going to check on you and convince you to get to the doctor’s ASAP. Also, they become temporary medical practitioners and start recommending all the possible therapies and drugs that could work. TAKE THAT, BACTERIA!

4. You will have movie nights (WITH PIZZA!)

Yes, I’m talking about the triple P- Pizza Pajama Party! Someone gets selected as the ‘host’ and their room becomes the shelter for the night. So bring on all the duvets and pillows, because it’s stuff-your-face and feast-your-eyes night! What beats a sleepover with the people you live?

5. Nights out are an adventure

What’s better than a drunk person stumbling home? A group of drunk people stumbling home… together! Everyone has had their 10th shot of tequila, the hours of working the dance floor and holding onto each other to get home begins! From a stranger’s perspective, it’s MAZE RUNNER (PART TWO!!).

6. Your closet gets a free upgrade

Although this applies mostly to same-sex housemates, I’m sure in this day and age of wide fashion arrays we are able to make full use of each other’s closets! Girls, flaunt those baggy sweaters! Boys – colour your closet! If you’re lucky, you’ll even get pro bono fashion tips on what to wear to that date or presentation. Fashion Police, you’ve got nothing on me!

7. Study dates are effortless

I live in a house where each and every one of us gravitates towards different courses – but that has never stopped us from getting together to hike the mountain of education, armed with nothing but eye bags and heavy books! Just kidding, we have snacks too- LOTS OF IT. Although everyone has different content, the common intention serves as an incentive to get sh*t done.

8. You live for the impromptu musicals

Everyone sings; but whether it is a sweet sound is a different case altogether. Still, what beats breaking it down with all your heart and better yet, being joined by people who sound and move just as horribly as you? Sorry, this is a no judging zone. So what are you waiting for? Get your ‘Les Miserables’ mode on and sing your way through life with your homies!

9. You pay for the rent, but the friendships are priceless

Ultimately, the people you live with become family. They’re your home away from home, and sometimes being away from them is just as hard. When someone asks you where ‘home’ is, you hesitate- because now they’re home too. So now, you have family and flatmily.

This post is especially dedicated to my angels on earth at House 35: Mel, Irosha, Naya, Tom and Sam. I love you guys.