7 Things You Absolutely Do Not Owe Anyone An Apology For


Do you ever feel like you’re constantly saying “sorry” to someone? I know it’s a problem in my life.

I say, “pardon me,” “excuse me, sorry” to people walking by me in the hallway. I apologize if I take too long to reach the door that some nice person has held open for me. “Sorry” falls out of my mouth if I tell a joke that my friends didn’t find funny.

Apologizing definitely has its place when you’ve done something wrong or offended someone. But more often than not, “sorry” comes out when I’ve done nothing other than simply existing.

So today, I’m taking a stand against it. I’m pushing myself to stop issuing an apology for things that don’t warrant one.

1. Living your life how exactly how you want.

There’s one particularly important word here–you. At the end of this great journey we call life, the only person you’ll need to answer to is yourself. Make sure you’re living the life you want, and stop feeling bad if it isn’t in agreement with what others think or want.

2. Asking for what you need.

Asking others for help can be difficult—I know. But this is the reason we build relationships with humans in the first place; help each other out and specify the things you want and need.

3. Your interests and hobbies.

Do you spend your weekends researching fine wine? Are you a cosplayer? Maybe playing video games until all hours of the night is your thing. Embrace what you enjoy and don’t try to hide your hobbies if other people don’t find it as interesting as you do.

4. Expressing your feelings.

Everyone gets sad from time to time, as well as angry, irritated, and 8 million other emotions that exist. Experiencing these feelings is part of being human. Feel (and let those around you know) what you’re feeling, and don’t tell your husband you’re sorry you’re in a bad mood again; you can be in that bad mood whenever you need.

5. Being lazy once in a while.

Particularly in today’s world, we have a busyness complex. Everyone is moving at the speed of light trying to get everything done and make everyone happy at the same time. You need a break. You need a day to sit on the couch, mold into it, and watch 12 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy in a row. Treat yo’ self.

6. Posting endless pictures of your furbaby on social media.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. My dog is beautiful and magical, so I feel like you guys should look at and admire him as much as I do. Definitely not sorry.

7. Being happy with life.

Do what makes you happy, life a live in accordance with your goals, and, please, never apologize for being happy. As Gretchen Rubin so wisely said in her book The Happiness Project, “Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.”

And if all else fails, feel free to adopt my favorite motto— “Sorry not sorry.”