The Key To For(n)ever


It pains my heart

Watching you with another

Staring, looking, wondering

My heart still shudders

Still, we were but a key

That was stuck in a lock

Willed it to turn and click

But the door stayed blocked

The key looks like it fits

Yet the door will not move

No matter how hard

The key tries to woo

While I know for us

There is little chance

I wish for you the greatest romance

I sit in my room

Looking back for a while

When I think of us

My dear, I still smile

I remember watching you

Pottering round my room

When our new love

Was still in full bloom

Studying your body

Every kink

Willing myself to find more

Between the ink

Wondering how long

I would lay on your chest

Imagining that we were destined

To be the best

Easily believing

We would make this work

Wandering on cloud nine

My proud smirk

Stirring in your embrace

On sunday afternoons

We never made it past

The honeymoon

Not a cruise

Instead a road trip

Excitement, lust

Frequent belly flips

Until I saw my day dream drifting

See your attention shifting

Less on me

‘Can’t meet today’

I watched you flutter


Then further away

Far away as you soon would be

My heart knew

This was not to be

Not my fairy tale fantasy ending

Then picture

Few days after our pretending

Another is loving you

You look happy

A smile thats subdued

Picture status never enjoyed

I guess

You are overjoyed

With old love

Had you ever moved on?

Were you thinking of her

Through our love song?

Did our time only mean

What the key means to the lock?

A short encounter

That happens a lot

Or if I am right

Thinking, what, I think

What we had was special

But never really could begin

Then the love that you have

With the one that is pictured

Must overshadow ours, granted

But I should not feel sad

Or angry, not hurt

Being jealous would mean to I do not deserve

Knowing yes I do, I deserve it to be true

But maybe I just do not deserve it with you

For a lock and key may look perfectly together

But not every key opens the lock to forever.