7 Tips For Seductive And Beautiful Lips


Your lips and mouth are one of your sexiest and most attractive features, so it seems worthwhile to give your daily lip care some extra love and attention. According to research from Manchester University, upon meeting a woman, it’s very common for men to stare at her lips for most of the initial 10 seconds. This means that men are checking out a woman’s lips before noticing other parts of her, including her eyes, hair—and even her breasts. There’s nothing sexier than noticeably smooth, supple and luscious lips. Here are 7 tips for achieving extra seductive lips.

1. Exfoliate Your Lips

Exfoliating your lips once or twice a week is the best way to keep them smooth, soft and kissable. Dead skin will make your lips look dry and dull, but freshly exfoliated, new skin is pinker and younger looking. You can make your own exfoliating lip scrub with sugar and honey, but there are also some really great lip exfoliators on the market that might get the job done more successfully. For example, Fresh Sugar Lip Polish gently exfoliates lips with brown sugar crystals and natural conditioning ingredients such as Shea butter and jojoba oil—leaving them incredibly soft, polished and prepped for an even lipstick application.

2. Smile

The secret to seductive lips isn’t just about perfecting your pout—it’s about perfecting your smile, too. Your lips are what frame your seductive smile, and since lips and teeth go hand-in-hand, you shouldn’t bother perfecting one without also perfecting the other. Without you saying a single word, your beautiful smile can convey a sexy confidence and captivate a man. If you are self-conscious about your smile, it can cause you to seem timid, withdrawn or sad. Talk to your dentist about a customized smile makeover if you have insecurities about your teeth.

3. Mix and Match Lipsticks and Lip Liners for the Perfect Lip Color and Definition

The most seductive lips are best achieved with a little bit of makeup magic. Apply lip liner in a shade that closely matches your lips on top of the lip’s edges. This will enhance your lips by making them look bigger, fuller and more defined. Take your time to apply it correctly and make your lips pop! Then, apply a highlighter to your cupid’s bow which will add shimmer and make your lips look bigger.

As far as lipsticks go, the shade of lipstick that looks best on you really does depend on your skin tone, eye color and hair color. Ask the beauty experts selling you lipsticks to help you find the right match. If the experts suggest a few complementary colors that you like, don’t be afraid to buy more than one shade and mix them together. Mixing lipsticks can actually look amazing because you’re creating your own perfect look. Personally, I love adding Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Marshmallow Bunny as a finishing touch to any shade of lipstick I apply, because it adds a slightly iridescent glow to my lips. I mix it with almost all of my lipsticks as it adds that very subtle shimmer that completes the look.

4. Perfect the Upper Lip to Lower Lip Ratio

In their February 2017 study, researchers from University of California, Irvine showed more than 400 participants side-by-side images of young women’s lips and asked them to rank each photo on a scale of 1 to 10 for attractiveness.

The study found that the majority of participants preferred a lower lip that was two times the size of the upper lip. You could easily add volume to your lower lip with lip filler to achieve this ratio if you don’t already have it. One of my favorite lip fillers is Juvéderm Volbella, made of a completely natural substance called hyaluronic acid, which looks incredibly soft and smooth (not lumpy). Volbella is smooth and moldable – so the resulting lip enhancement looks and feels completely natural.

5. Use Anti-Aging and Smoothing Lip Products

Advanced lip care such as Dermalogica’s Lip Renewal Complex will keep your lips soft, smooth, and hydrated while protecting your lips from harsh winter elements. Not only does it hydrate and treat your lips, it also minimizes the appearance of fine lines and acts as a primer for a smooth and even lipstick application. Treating your lips with a high-quality balm such as this one is important all year long, but especially in the winter. You should be applying treatment balms every day, at least twice a day, to keep your lips healthy-looking.

6. Use Natural Lip Plumpers

There are plenty of ways to naturally plump and augment the lips. For example, Cinnamon Essential Oil can do wonders for your lips. Cinnamon oil stimulates the blood capillaries in your lips and increases blood flow to the lips. This makes your lips look rosy in color and makes them look full and plump. The cinnamon oil can be added to any current lip gloss that you currently have. You may experience a slight tingling sensation but it won’t last long and it just means that it’s working.

7. Enhance Your Lips with Botox

Perhaps your lips are already quite full, and you don’t need lip filler or lip plumpers. Botox, however, can sometimes help to define your lip line more, lift the upper lip, and it can sometimes amplify or correct the shape of your pout. Many women get Botox injections around the mouth or at the upper lip line in addition to lip filler, but it’s also quite common to only get Botox for the subtle lip and smile improvements it provides.

Erica Gordon is the author of Aren’t You Glad You Read This? The Complete How-To Guide for Singles with a History of Failed Relationships Who Want their Next Relationship to Succeed, available here.