7 Types Of People You Will Absolutely Work With In College


It is hard enough to juggle school, a social life and work all at once. Everyone you work with in college is in the same hectic boat with you. But it doesn’t matter if you work at a McDonald’s or at your college newspaper, these seven people are at every job you will have in college.

1. The Social Butterfly

This person is friends with literally everyone at work. And they even hang out with people outside of work. Not one person has a negative thing to say about them. You want to dislike them because you’re jealous of their outgoing-ness but you just can’t. They are loved by all.

2. The Slacker

This is everyone’s least favorite person to work with. He/she will never be around when you need them, makes a lot of promises they never keep and (the worst part of it all) never take responsibility for their screw ups. This person will drop the ball zillions of times and will blame everyone else for it. You will have talk after talk about their performance or work ethic and yet nothing will ever seem to change. You start to secretly wish all of his/her hair will fall out because they cause you so much stress.

3. The Party Animal

The party animal is the one that is constantly hungover at work. Every night is a rager to them and they are always down for “round two”. At first they are sluggish, but they get their work done at the end of the day. Don’t get stuck in a room with them though because they will go on and on about how crazy the night before was. Sometimes the stories amuse you but other times they can be a bit repetitive, to which answer: “Cool story, bro.”

4. The Know-It-All

Though this one is pretty self-explanatory, I think college students take it to a whole new level. Not only do they know everything but they want everyone else to know that they know everything. They think they are the smartest person you have/will ever met. You wait for the day that they meet someone who knows more, and you pray that you will witness it.

5. The Insecure One

We hear all our lives that confidence is key —this person didn’t seem to get the memo though. He/she is always fishing for compliments in every boat they can think of. You can only build them up for so long until you want to start agreeing with their self- letdowns just to shut them up. Their moods are so unpredictable that you wish you could download an app to tell you the forecast of their attitude. This person can be a lot of fun when they are in a good mood, but beware the bad ones.

6. The Story Topper

No matter how busy, tired or hungry you are – this person is more busy, tired AND hungry than you. You have a test tomorrow? This person has two tests. You haven’t eaten since breakfast? This person hasn’t eaten all day. You got three hours of sleep? This person got two hours and 59 minutes. Your grandma died? Both of their grandparents died, and their fish. Everything is a competition. They will constantly let everyone know that their life sucks more than yours. You can try to top them, but you will lose. They are ruthless.

7. The Quiet-Yet-Hilarious One

You won’t know this person exists for the first couple of weeks at a new job. They will just be another co-worker to you, until one day when they say one thing that will have you just rolling on the floor laughing. This person is secretly the angriest, sassiest, and meanest mother fucker you will ever have the pleasure of knowing. Their specialties are witty one-liners. At first, this person meant nothing to you but now you can’t imagine work without them.

featured image – JD Hancock