7 Ways To Take Back Your Health Right Now


There are millions of avenues you can go down when it comes to reclaiming your health. There are hundreds of different types of therapies, vitamins, classes, schools, and coaches to choose from—getting closer to wellness is always one choice away. What helps me progress in the ways I am needing to is starting small. Here are seven basic (but extremely fundamental) ways to take back your health:

1. Organize Your Sleep Schedule

I listened to a podcast where they were talking about how we are as clueless when it comes to sleep and the importance of it as we were educated about cigarettes back when we didn’t know they caused lung cancer. Sleep is crucial for your mental and physical health—it’s the foundation in which you build your day on.

2. Move Your Body

Movement plays a vital part in our wellbeing, mentally and physically. Whether it’s going for a walk, weight lifting, doing yoga, rock climbing or hiking outside, make sure you are moving and allowing your endorphins to multiply! Your brain will thank you later, I promise.

3. Set Goals For Yourself

Go buy a new planner or start to organize your life by setting goals for yourself, specifically to improve your health rather than hinder it. Do you want to try different diets and foods to figure out which makes your body feel the best? Write that down and make time for it. Would weekly therapy help you in any way mentally or physically? Pick a day to start to research your options. Setting clear goals for ourselves is so important when we are trying to progress.

4. Reset Yourself

I have to do this once a day. Take a second and reset yourself. Remember why you decided to show up at the gym. Remember why you are fueling your body with nutrients rather than fried food. Take a minute whenever you need to to remind and reset yourself and to just breathe.

5. Have Sex

Sexual health plays a key part in overall wellness as well. Having good sexual health could mean with your partner, by yourself, or even just having intimate conversation—just get in touch with your sensual side!

6. Eat Well

This is obviously a no brainer and everyone knows that your body is going to want to live longer and feel better if you feed it fruit rather than brownies, but seriously. You’d be surprised how many people undermine nutrition. Whatever goes into your body stays in your body, spreads in your body, and has the ability to take over your body. Be careful what you choose to fuel your body with!

7. Be Mindful Of Who You Spend Your Time With

It’s true, we are our own people at the end of the day. However, energy is contagious! If you spend time with people who are proactive, positive, and taking care of themselves, that is exactly what is going to be reflected to you. If you spend time with people who are sick, negative, and love to live in their pity and excuses, that is going to be your reality as well. Be careful and choose for the benefit of yourself.