Goodbye July, Hello August


July, you were a whirlwind of experiences and emotions and as I watch you leave I am left with lingering emotions you have left me with that has seeped into every crevice of my body deep into my bones.

I celebrated another year on this beautiful and forever changing planet. A full rotation around the sun. Early mornings experienced with loved ones. Evening sunsets by the sea. Conversations about a future that may never be seen.

Celebrations overlooking the cityscape. Nights leading into the morning. Rollercoasters into a stop motion universe. Salty waters holding my weight.

This past month I experienced so many emotions. From laughter so deep that my cheeks were sore. To hurt, confusion, sadness and everything in between. July you came in so hard, with no apologies forcing me to feel in ways I just hadn’t.

Every day something different. A new adventure, a new obstacle, change of scenery. Rides through foreign countries, kissed by the sun and held by the sea. Guided by intuition and logic just seemed nowhere to be found. A gravitational pull. That reminded me that somethings just can’t be explained no matter how much I try. Somethings are just felt.

Kind words by strangers. Kind words by familiar faces. Kind words that held me together and brought warmth to my soul and ease to my mind.

I lost somethings that I will never know because I made the choice that timing just wasn’t right. But I also gained connection through disconnection. I also realized just how lucky I am to have certain people in my life.

July you made me question everything I’ve known, and out of everything, I welcome you August with an open heart, open mind, and trust that clarity will come and my body will feel like home again. A little bit familiar but also renovated.

Here’s to a new adventure with you.