8 Amazing Little Things To Be Happy About No Matter Your Circumstances


There was a day when I was sitting in front of my laptop; a cup of hot tea in my hands. I found myself wistfully appreciating the hot drink in my grasp, warming up my cold hands. I then realized how we should live everyday like this; being able to appreciate the little things in life – no matter how small of an achievement or how seemingly mundane it can be.

Let’s learn to be happy over the little things:

1. A hot drink and a cosy blanket.

Slowly sipping on a hot drink somehow makes me feel better. The warmth helps to soothe not only my throat, but a cup of chamomile keeps me calm as well. And for some of us, these wintry nights have been getting colder – hence snuggling in a warm blanket is always welcomed.

2. Progress, no matter how small it may seem.

Let us learn to celebrate even the littlest of achievements. I was talking with a friend of mine, and we agreed that a lot of things in life is in the eyes of a beholder. Not everyone is going to be happy for our success, and not everyone will be able to celebrate our success. Yes, so maybe you only managed to accomplish one thing today. But that also means one thing checked off your list, and you’re able to move on to the next. Embrace progress – even though it may seem minute, but it still is progress.

3. Getting the answer to our prayers.

It’s the peace you get when things slowly fall into place. It’s the peace you get when you start to see the bigger picture and why things had to happen the way they did. Getting an answer in the midst of our own trials and tribulations is a great comfort.

4. Knowing that someone has a smile on their face because of you.

Let us learn to love. Having the courage to reveal what you truly feel and to let someone know that you believe in them. Let us not take our loved ones for granted, and let us not take little actions of kindness like these for granted.

5. Being surrounded by loved ones (and getting great hugs).

We should learn to appreciate every waking moment; to be open to growth through what we go through. Appreciate the people in your life, and make it a point to let them know what they mean to you.

6. Just the little details that has the ability to make our day a little brighter.

Taking that first bite of a sandwich. The blast of cold wind that lightly tussles through your hair when you first step out the door. The sound of kids laughing as they play tag in the field. The blooming of flowers in spring. Although it does not always seem to be the most monumental of things, there is beauty and worth – even in the seemingly mundane of days and things.

7. Our stride and our journey.

I thought of the days where I couldn’t muster the energy to get up and be productive; the times where I had beaten myself up over the times I’ve wasted. But what I’ve learned over time is to understand that not all days are to be filled with big achievements. There are days that we do require rest; and that is completely okay. There are days where we are unable to get out of bed; and that is okay. Remember that being at a different pace compared to your peers does not equate to failure. Your journey belongs to you; do not let anyone invalidate what you feel or what you’ve gone through.

8. Learning more about who you want to be.

We are learning, we are growing, and we may even be constantly changing. Let us be aware of our growth – an idea that can be considered is to start writing a reflective journal: to appreciate your own personal growth and how far you’ve come.

It is completely okay that some days are not filled with big moments; but it is not okay if we don’t appreciate every single day that we are alive. Let us learn to appreciate, even the littlest of things.