5 Reasons Why Jughead Is The Most Relatable Character In ‘Riverdale’

Jughead’s character seems to embody “there’s more to it than it meets the eye”, and this is explored not only in how he approaches the investigation but also the events surrounding his personal life. Despite his cool demeanor, Jughead is just like every high school kid underneath his exterior — terrified of not being able to be himself, of people’s opinions and the fate of his family.

You Never Know What Someone Is Hiding Behind Their Smile

The girl with that wide smile on her face and who constantly tries to spread as much positivity as she can to her peers? We don’t see her the tears she subtly tries to brush away, nor do we see the look on her face when her heart is split in two.

Don’t Underestimate Christian Girls

She’s been taught to love with the love of Christ. She has a heart for people and believes there is still some good left in humanity. She may get hurt more often than not, and may be seen as a source of ridicule – but it does not make her any less whole.

This Is What Living A Life Of Love Really Is

Real love places God at the center of it all,
That even in times of adversity, or when love does start to fade;
He is the foundation that will never shake, shatter, or bruise;
And in Him, the relationship stands upright.