8 Awesome Benefits Of Being A Night Owl


1. No one is around to bug you. The rest of the day is filled with other people talking to you and emailing you and texting you and by the time it’s late it feels so relaxing to be alone and know that no one is going to interrupt you. You can do whatever you want to in peace and quiet.

2. The internet stands still. The internet moves at such a fast pace that it’s impossible to keep up with all your favorite websites during the day when you’re working and busy actually living your life. But at night most of them are done updating for the day, or at least updating very slowly and you can binge-read everything you’ve missed in one juicy, gluttonous session.

3. There’s nothing you’re supposed to be doing. No one has a doctor’s appointment scheduled for midnight. You’re not anxious about missing a social engagement with a fake excuse because you really just needed some downtime. Nope. You are just free to do whatever you feel you want to do. Sweet, sweet freedom.

4. Sleep feels so good. An unexpected perk of staying up late is that you’re definitely tired by the time you go to bed so you cut out any time you would be tossing and turning or counting sheep. It’s almost straight into REM cycle once you hit the sheets.

5. It feels like you have more hours in the day. You may work 9-5 like everyone else you know but you get to come home and relax and then do an evening activity or two and then you still have a few hours to do whatever you want to. You can catch up on work now that your mind is relaxed and refreshed from the evening, or run a hobby that’s completely separate from your job — like using the hours to edit photos for a side photography business or working on your website or music.

6. You’re more likely to have a social life. Since you don’t go to bed before 10pm it never comes up as an excuse that you’re “too tired” to go to dinner or grab drinks with friends. The closer an event gets to your bedtime, the more likely it is that you’ll see it as a hassle, or be exhausted when you attend instead of having fun and connecting with people.

7. You may have weird “night” friends. Night owls and insomniacs tend to get along with each other very well. My best friends in college were the ones I made because we were always the ones studying in the common room at ~4am. Sometimes we’d wait for the dining hall to open up and grab breakfast before we went to sleep. I’ve had Skype sessions with relative strangers from Twitter when we realize we’re always up at the same times. It’s good camaraderie.

8. You just feel more centered. You’re not rushed at the end of the day making sure that you can get to bed by a certain time. You have time to finish up all the little tasks you were hoping to get done and relax a bit before you go to bed. This bit of time you have alone at the end of the day helps you clear your head and be ready for the next day.