8 Lessons My 2-Year-Old Has Taught Me


1. There is Joy in Everything.

Last night we went out to dinner with a few of my friends and on the way home my son kept saying “hot dog.” Soon he was asking me to say hot dog, and every time I did he would laugh. And not a little laugh, but a large, booming laugh. It was amazing. And makes me realize every day to see the joy in everything.

2. Sometimes You Need Fresh Air and a Little Bit of Quiet.

We were out and about with a few of my friends and my son got really agitated. I took him outside by himself and had him stand on the wall in the quiet to breathe. Within a few minutes he was fine. He smiled up at me and said “Sorry Momma.” Why don’t we take this as a lesson to take a moment and breathe? Sometimes life is overwhelming and we need the stillness to help quiet our minds.

3. It’s OK to Cry for a Few Minutes, but then Get Up and Move On.

I can’t tell you how many times my child has fallen, hit his head, his knees or an elbow. When he falls really hard he’ll cry for me and I’ll hold him. 30 seconds later? He’s fine. He wants to be put down and he’s back to doing whatever it was prior to the fall. The fact is, in life we all fall so many times. And we can either get stuck on the fall and stop trying, or cry a little, get back up, and try again. None of us would have learned to walk without the falls that came with it.

4. Love, Love, and More Love.

I have never seen love the way it comes from my 2-year-old. It’s pure, gentle, and real. I’ve never felt so loved by anyone before. He’s not afraid to show it with kisses, hugs, and the perfect way he says “I lub you.” We need to tell each other more daily how we love each other. And be more open to love. Sure it can hurt sometimes, but what’s so bad about loving? Let yourself love more often.

5. Learning is So Much Fun.

I went to Home Depot the other night with my friend and her mom to get some paint. While I was running around the store my friend got different color cards and started telling Dj what all the colors were. The next morning they were sitting on our coffee table and Dj started holding them up and asking, “Momma, what color?” His thirst for knowledge is inspiring. When did I stop reading so much? When did the yearning to learn so quietly slip away? And why?

6. You Can Never Spend Too Much Time Outside.

My child constantly asks to go outside, to go on a hike, or to go to the park. If I let him he would be outside all day. And it’s wonderful. Being outside is good for you. It’s also a lot of fun. Get out and enjoy the sunshine. It’s really good for your soul, trust me.

7. Sometimes You’ve Just Got to Dance.

My kid loves to dance. And he loves to ask me to dance with him. It lifts my spirit, his spirit, and I really think it brings us closer together. We need to be silly more often. Adults get stuck on having to be mature and serious. Have some fun!

8. And Sometimes You’ve Just Got to be Held.

Sometimes the days are long, he just doesn’t feel well, or it’s too early to do much and all my little man wants is to be held. We all have hard days, all of us feel weak, and that’s OK. It’s a normal feeling to want to be held, hugged, cuddled, and loved. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable every once in awhile, don’t be afraid to ask for a shoulder to lean on. We all need it.