8 Reasons I Think I’m Turning Into A Man


I had a guy friend of mine a couple weeks ago say “If I was ready to settle down and be in a relationship, you would totally settle down with me.” I started laughing. We have our past history, true, but he took what I was doing out of context and in his mind I liked him. This leads me to wonder if my mentality is slowly turning into a man’s. I’ve been through a lot of real shitty relationships, and I’m finally beginning to stop being nice and start doing things for myself. Call me selfish, but whatever. Here are my 8 reasons why I think I’m turning into a man.

1. I’m a flirt.

Yeah, it’s fun flirting with you. And as long as you flirt back I will continue to do so. But that by no means I like you or want to start any sort of relationship.

2. I don’t respond to text messages right away.

I’m not waiting for your text. In fact, the reason I don’t text back right away is because I read it and then forgot about it. Three hours go by and all I think is “Shit, I totally forgot to text him back”.

3. I seriously don’t care if you just canceled our date….again.

I really don’t. I didn’t really want to go anyway. And your million follow up sorry’s? Please just stop. It’s really annoying.

4. Are you trying to make me jealous?

She’s not pretty, she’s not funny, in fact you’re making yourself look like an ass. And now I just lost any attraction I had towards you.

5. I’d rather be with my friends.

I have fun with you and everything, but my friends are cooler.

6. I’ll call you to hang out.

But there are no other intentions to it. Get over yourself. I thought we were friends, but here you’ve gone again over analyzing the situation. And now you think I like you and you think you like me. Now we can no longer be friends. Good job on that bro.

7. You’re not the only guy I’m talking to.

I once had a friend of mine tell me that guys keep a girl in every pocket. I finally get it. I only wish I had more pockets.

8. The idea of a relationship kind of makes me want to puke.

Men are needy. They get upset over the oddest of things, and having to deal with the same one all the time may make me crazy. I like to do what I want, when I want, how I want.