8 Little (But Amazing) Ways Sex Changes When You’re In A Relationship That’s Going To Last


1. You Stop Using Protection

When you’re in a relationship that’s going to last, you and your partner completely trust each other. You feel emotionally safe with them because you are both committed to one another. This might be a minor change in your relationship, but it actually is a game changer because it will make your connection more intimate on a physical level.

2. You Bare Your Naked Soul More

When you’re in a relationship that’s forever material, you become more vulnerable than you’ve ever been with anyone before. You let them see the spot you least like about yourself. You show them your weaknesses and you allow them to unlock the door to your pleasure. You tell them that you love them and you tell them what they mean to you. You share with them your sexual experiences and explain to them how they impacted you or continue to.

3. The Sex Happens Naturally

One of the most amazing ways sex changes when you’re in a relationship that’s going to last is how organic it becomes. You still put effort into your sex life, but you stop planning to have sex. Sex literary just happens. Your immediate instinct when you wake up in the morning is to touch them. You come back from a long day at work and you’re on top of each other already. You’re watching a movie and the next thing you know you’re having sex. You don’t announce that you’re horny or in the mood, you give them a look or go for it instead. You become more in sync. Sex becomes more spiritual than physical.

4. You Become Comfortable In Your Own Skin

When you are with them, you feel like your best self. Your insecurities vanish. Your confidence is present. Your fears are there but, your courage speaks volumes. You think less and you feel more. You stop worrying about things that don’t matter (distractions) and you begin to pay more attention to the things that do (the experience).

5.You Have Honest Conversations

You and your partner have the difficult conversations. You talk about sex like you talk about what you’re having for dinner tonight. You talk about the times when sex was out of this world. You tell your partner what you like in bed and how you like it. Your partner knows what you want more of and what you don’t wish to do again. And most importantly, they know what to say and how to touch you to get you to moment when you can’t wait anymore.

6. You Compromise

You and your partner master the art of balance. You don’t settle in your sex life, you compromise. If they’re in the mood but you’re not, you still take care of them because you don’t want to make them feel unwanted or to disregard their feelings. And when you’re tired or don’t feel like it, they will respect that and give you your space. You don’t make each other feel bad for the sexual favors that you give each-other and you don’t hold it against each other either. You don’t push each other to do things that you don’t want, but you challenge each other to try new things.

7. The Sex Becomes Subtle

You’re not a boring couple, you’re a healthy, normal couple. Your spark doesn’t translate into impulsiveness, it translates into passion. When you’re in a relationship that’s going to last, you don’t lose control, instead you gain control because you don’t feel the urge to release, you feel the desire to connect and please.

8. The Sex Is Always Amazing

When you’re in a relationship that’s your last, sex becomes therapy. Sex becomes a place you run to instead of something you run away from. Your partner knows exactly how to make you feel loved and worshiped. You feel like you belong to them and they belong to you. Yet, you feel liberated because the sex allows you to dive into your desires. When you’re in a relationship that’s permanent, you get close to finding yourself.