When You Fall In Love With Someone Who Gets All The Attention


Investing your emotions to someone who’s admittedly good looking is complicated. It’s knowing upfront that, whether you will be in a relationship with them or not, there will always be another person who will want to win their attention. You will always have a reason to doubt them because they’re likable and charismatic and popular. People easily gravitate towards them and you can’t blame them for that.

When you fall in love with someone who is lucky enough to be born in what seems to be a flawless body, your admiration for them will just be treated as ordinary. Your sweet words and big gestures will somehow be overlooked because they’ve already spent their entire lives receiving all kinds of compliments. They’re so used to getting attention from everyone that it doesn’t feel special to them anymore — it just feels normal. 

And that’s the tragedy of liking a person whom the whole world perceives as beautiful.

No matter how hard you try to make them want you, there’s always someone else who’s better than you, smarter than you, prettier than you.

When everybody wants to be close to them, you will just end up as another person in the mob, as another person in the line, hoping to win their hearts.

Deep down you know that begging for someone to be part of your life is against your principle. It’s not in your nature to stupidly and patiently wait for someone to make up their minds about you. It’s wrong to give yourself false hope for a relationship that is remotely going to come true. And you are fully aware that you are better than this. 

People who truly love you know that you are smart and independent and logical human being, and falling in love with someone who barely sees your efforts is a waste of your time. Your brain is aware that you are only dragging negativities in your life by allowing yourself to be frustrated because of them. You are only slowing yourself down in the process of becoming the best person that you can be by entertaining someone who might not be interested in you.

Falling in love with someone who doesn’t appreciate the energy that you devote to them is a mistake. And you’re wise enough to find a way to rinse off the special feelings that you have for them. You’re brave enough to admit that, yes, you did get hurt — even if it appears to be a one-sided kind of love. 

You are entitled to your pain and it’s okay to take the time that you need to move on and heal. Because you put yourself out there. You risked your heart. And regardless of what other people say about your situation, you still have the right to feel like you lost, because dedicating your energy and time for nothing is a loss.

Maybe falling in love with someone so unattainable isn’t really worth the gamble. There’s a very low chance of getting a return from the emotions that you invested. But you learn.

You learn to avoid people like them. You learn to protect yourself. And you learn that falling in love with an actual person is different from falling in love with an idea of a person.

Love isn’t supposed to be complicated. It doesn’t have to make you feel threatened or insecure. It shouldn’t burden you with doubts and questions. Love is supposed to be easy, is natural, is joyful. Love should give you more reason to smile, not frown.

When you find yourself in a situation when you have to fight for someone’s attention, the best thing to do is to just give up. Because sometimes, some battles are not worth winning. In life, you have to be careful with how you spend your time and who you spend it with. The goal isn’t really to look for the perfect one who can love you. The goal is to find the person who can return to you the love that you’re giving them; the kind of love that will make a home in your heart.