8 Little Insecurities That Actually Prove You’re Becoming The Person You Need To Be


1. Not Being Good Enough

You fear you’re not good enough for the person you love. You think you’re not good enough of a friend, a parent, a sibling or even a pet owner. You worry about not having the set of skills or the experience to excel in your job. You feel you’re not good enough because you’re comparing who you are with who you think you should be by now. You feel you’re not good enough because you’re questioning yourself. But what it really means is that you’re on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery because you realize this is just the beginning.


2. Making Mistakes

You’re insecure about making the wrong choice. You’re afraid the risk you’re about to take won’t pay off. You’re worried that you are evaluating the situation out of emotion not logic. You’re afraid you can’t go back from your decision once it’s made. But, darling, making mistakes means you’re alive. It means you’re putting yourself out there. It means that you’re trying. It means that you’re finding out what you don’t want, who you don’t want to be, what you won’t accept. It means that you’re drawing the kind of life you deserve.

3. Caring About What Others Think Of You

You’re insecure about letting people see the real you because you don’t want them to think you’re too crazy, too emotional, too much. You care about what people think of you in general because you don’t want them to get the wrong impression or get on the wrong foot with them. You’re insecure that people can’t see the best in you, that they won’t appreciate what makes you unique. Caring about what others think of you is daunting. However, it helps you be more self-aware and more empathetic towards others.

4. Becoming Financially Stable

You’re insecure about not being able to provide for yourself. You worry about your spending habits and if you’ll make it next month. Meaning that you are becoming a responsible adult. It means that you are being smart about where you allocate your money. It means that you are investing your hard work on what pays off on the long-term. Instead of buying clothes you don’t need, you use your money to sign-up for a course that builds on your skills or for that fitness class you’ve been meaning to attend.

5. Lacking Inner Strength

You’re insecure about not having what it takes to thrive. You don’t know if you can handle another rejection, heartbreak or disappointment. You don’t know if you’re strong, capable, or tough. You don’t know if you’re being a baby and a drama queen. And that means that you’re becoming a better person, a more resilient individual who can be shaken but not destroyed by life’s challenges.

6. Losing Faith

You’re insecure about losing your faith in yourself, in God, or in people. You’re starting to lose perspective. You’re doubting everything you’ve ever known. And that’s when you know you’re becoming the person you need to be because you have choice. That’s when your faith is going under test. Only in the hardest times you’ll get to learn what you’re made of. You’ll get to put your principles in action. You’ll get to be the one who saves you. You’ll get to know what saves you in the first place.

 7. Settling Down And Settling For Less

Compromise comes hand in hand with becoming the person you need to be. You’ll have to make tough decisions you’re not ready for. You’ll have to do things you don’t necessarily want to do. And you’ll think that you’re losing your identity and that you’re settling down like everyone else. But, what it really means us that you’re choosing your battles, that you’re taking care of what’s important. You’ll think that you’re accepting less than what you deserve while in fact, you’re just starting somewhere. It’s not definite. It’s not forever. And it doesn’t define you.

 8. Becoming What Happened To You

You’re insecure about becoming what happened to you. So you worry that your words will be just as heavy or that your promises will turn out to be just as broken. You worry if you’re becoming distant, not present, not engaged. But, you’re a human who is wounded. You need space to heal, to reflect, to become the person you need to be in this very exact moment.