Dating A Writer Will Ruin Your Life


When you date a girl who writes, you’ll get frustrated when she doesn’t tell you what’s wrong. You won’t understand how she can scribble down words with such ease, but has trouble forming them aloud. You won’t understand that she sucks with emotions, that her inability to express herself in person is why she writes, it’s why she’s chosen this outlet.

When you date a girl who writes, you’ll overanalyze every word she types. You’ll read through all of her songs, articles, and poetry to try to find yourself in them. You’ll twist her words so you can imagine every line is about you, even when it’s clear you weren’t on her mind as she typed.

When you date a girl who writes, you’ll get jealous. You’ll realize that she talks about her past more than you’re comfortable with. That she keeps talking about the boys that used to belong to her. Then you’ll wonder why you aren’t enough for her, even though you are. You’ll create problems that don’t exist, because you won’t realize that her art and her heart aren’t one in the same.

When you date a girl who writes, you’ll get irritated when she’s physically in the room with you, but her mind is elsewhere. When she grabs her phone or notepad out of nowhere to jot down her newest idea because she doesn’t want it to slip from her conscious. When you realize that she never actually stops working, that she’s only half there, that she’s always searching for a new angle.

When you date a girl who writes, you’ll initially assume that what she does is simple. You’ll hand her ideas like candy, acting like it’s the easiest thing in the world to come up with something to write. You’ll underestimate what she does for a living, which is the worst crime you could possibly commit against her.

When you date a girl who writes, you’ll become scared. What if you make her upset, if you shatter her heart? Is she going to tell the entire world about your mistakes? Is she going to bring private problems into the public eye for everyone to see, for everyone to judge?

When you date a girl who writes, you’ll feel like you are never doing enough. You’ll wonder how you can repay her for all of the sweet words she’s written about you, for how appreciated she’s made you feel. You’ll wish you had the same talent that she does, just so you could make her feel special, too.

So, please, don’t date a girl who writes if you’re only looking for something casual, if you aren’t ready to embrace your deepest feelings. Don’t date a girl who writes if you want to hide from your truth.

Because, when you date a girl who writes, you’ll be swallowed by love. You’ll be given birthday cards with paragraphs scribbled inside. You’ll be written into love scenes. You’ll be bragged about on paper and in person. You’ll be spoiled with affection.

When you date a girl who writes, you’ll finally know what true love feels like.