8 Real Reasons Why Relationships Seemingly End Overnight


Everyone wants to meet the right person and to settle down. But how many happy couples do you know? If you look back you will notice that the majority of relationships end in dissolution. There are so many failed relationships that this topic has received a lot of attention recently because people want to understand why they fail to be happy. What are the main reasons relationships fail? Here are 8 of the most important factors.

Lack of trust

When we are speaking about lack of trust we do not refer only to remaining faithful. You need to know that your partner will have your back no matter what. A relationship ends when one of the partners looks out for themselves and they do not put the relationship first.

Lack of friendship within the relationship

If the only thing that keeps you together is sexual attraction then there are great chances your relationship to fail at some point. The key to a happy relationship is to take interest in your partner’s pursuits.

Lack of balance

If one of the partners makes more compromises and sacrifices than the other does, then they will not be happy. A strong relationship is based on the give-and-take principle and it is essential to redress the balance if a partner seems to be favored more.

Money issues

The more time partners spend together, the greater their financial responsibilities will be. Differences over money lead to disputes, and disputes in the majority of cases lead to relationship fail. Money will make a relationship self-destruct only if the partners deal with other issues, also.

Expired Chemistry

There is no reason why people lose passion for their partners. When we talk about expired chemistry, it does not mean that you are not having sex, because people have needs. Expired chemistry refers to the fact that you do not hold hands anymore, or kiss and cuddle as often as you did before. This is the moment when physicality slowly dies and your relationship can fail.


A relationship is where two people follow the same path. But having a career sometimes implies having a different direction in life than your partner. Career goals can put you as a couple in different directions. If your career stands in the way of your relationship, then your partner may not be the perfect one for you, because for a strong couple going on divergent career paths should not be an issue.

Lack of space

Partners should have their own time to do the things they like. If you are in each other’s pocket 24/7 it may be a problem. It is essential to maintain a certain degree of independence in order to have a successful relationship.


There are cases when the relationship does not stimulate both partners. This is one of the compatibility problems that lead to relationship fail. Boredom is a sign that something has to change, and it may be the status of the partners.