Reasons To Travel Abroad If You Want To Find Love


Have you ever noticed that you have better luck meeting men when you’re traveling abroad than you do back home?

It’s not just about how fun a vacation hook-up can be. When you go on dates with a cute guy you met abroad, isn’t every date with him is so much more romantic and more fun than any date you’ve been on back home? Sometimes the connection you feel with your vacation fling is so strong that you aren’t sure you’re cool with it just being a fling.

There are reasons why your love life flourishes when you’re away from home, and why you should pack your bags and travel abroad somewhere. Here are eight reasons why it’s easier to find summer love abroad compared to back home:

1. You romanticize your foreign location.

When you’re in a romantic city, it’s easier to go on more romantic dates. Every date abroad feels like an extra-romantic date, not a regular date. When you go on these special dates that take place in beautiful settings, you’re naturally inclined to view your relationship with that person as more romantic.

It’s common to fall for someone faster in a romantic city because you feel enveloped by beauty, stars, scents and all sorts of other romantic elements that you’re not normally enveloped by.

2. Time limitations encourage you to make every minute count.

We can sometimes become hypervigilant when we’re aware of a time limitation, which creates a different kind of feeling compared to the ordinary moments we experience with hook-ups back home.

If you’re traveling abroad and the Happn app notifies you that a cute single traveler is staying near your hotel, you’re not going to waste any time organizing to meet up. Time limitations help you seize each minute of time together and make it count for something.

That’s why each moment with someone we meet on vacation feels more special and more extraordinary. You’ll be surprised at how candid, open and honest you can be with someone, knowing that this person might soon disappear into a faint memory.

3. It’s a clean slate.

The best part about meeting a man abroad is that he doesn’t know anything about you. He has no one whispering embarrassing stories about you in his ear and he has nothing but your interactions with him with which to base his opinion of you.

It’s extremely liberating to know that this man has no reason to doubt you unless you yourself give him a reason to doubt you during your time with him. His perception of you can’t be manipulated by anyone because it’s literally just the two of you and the way he sees you is simply based off the real you.

This allows you to go into a date abroad with bravery and hope – qualities you don’t often possess back home.

4. The energy you give off is more positive when you’re on vacation.

The “I’m on vacation” version of you is almost always one of the best versions of you. You’ve put your troubles aside to focus on some “me” time and your energy is light and positive because you’re in your fun vacation mode.
Men find this type of positive, free-spirited and lighthearted energy very attractive. You’ll therefore attract more men on vacation and feel more at ease to go for it than you usually would back home.

5. The placebo effect

If you’re not having the best luck dating back home, you’ll often attribute that bad luck to the fact that there are simply “no good guys” in your city.

You might automatically think that you’ll have better luck dating in any other city — that the guys might be better or like you more when you’re anywhere else – which is why you tend to go for it and put yourself out there more when you’re abroad. That may be a placebo, but it still works.

6. There’s an addictive element of escapism

You’re experiencing a new culture, a foreign place and in a sense, you’re also experiencing a new you. There’s also nothing that can tie this guy to any of your troubles back home, which allows you to escape with him and be a completely different and better version of yourself. You’ll feel hooked to this fun new version of you.

Sometimes we all need a bit of an escape and often, that escapism leads to us finding ourselves and finding happiness.

7. The men abroad find you intriguing

Sometimes the men abroad see a certain charisma or quality in you that they’ve been missing or haven’t come across in their town. Plus, you’re the mysterious foreigner to them. The one with the cute accent. The one who they want to know more about because they can’t help but be curious about who you are and where you come from.

You’ll find that more men are interested in you when you’re abroad. It’s easy for you to maintain an air of mystery since he doesn’t know you at all, he hasn’t seen you around and there’s something unique about you.

8. Serendipity is at play

A fortunate coincidence. A stroke of luck. You traveled all this way and met a great guy – and you feel lucky. It all seems like it was meant to be.

It’s serendipitous to meet someone special so far away from home, someone who you would never normally have met. It makes you feel as though you were supposed to meet him and that makes you want to pursue it.