This Is How You’ll Find Your Home, Even When Living A Life Of Travel


There are a lot of benefits you can get from traveling, everybody knows that. You can find hundreds of articles explained and pointed out some life lessons you can get from traveling the world, and most of them are true. You will meet different people, a different smell of the air, different color of the landscape, and different feeling you’ve got after you step your feet on the airport you’ve never been to; and all of those things will bring you thousand lessons to learn. Despite the fact that so many articles out there which explained about the benefits of traveling, there are still many people in their 20s who were wasting their precious time and don’t really realize the real meaning about traveling; they don’t understand the objective of traveling itself.

Traveling is more than trying the foods you’ve never tasted or enjoying the sceneries you’ve never seen before. It is also more than taking pictures to be uploaded to your social media accounts and more than the souvenirs that you bought for your friends. Please note that traveling the world in your 20s is not about those compliments you’ve gotten from the people around you, it is not about the validation from the people who are proud of your bravery, or those envy comments of the people who really want to live your life. Instead of caring about what other people’s think, focus more on what you really can get from travelling itself.

Traveling in your 20s is more than living the life as the motto of ‘You Only Live Once’ or ‘lives your life to the fullest’; traveling is not that shallow.

Realize that actually, traveling in your 20s is a way for you to find your own definition of home.

Have you ever wondered why some of your friends are traveling the world without any exact reasons behind it? Maybe they were just trying to find their own home. Because at the end of the day; we all want to drop an anchor in a permanent place where nothing but an acceptance that we received.

Through traveling, you will learn that maybe actually, home is those strangers who hold a door for you, those street foods that taste just like your mother’s dish, the photographs that captured your natural laughs, or simply an excited feeling you’ve got after your new friends try to teach you their native languages.

Traveling in your 20s will teach you that maybe, a home is not just a place; it can be some places and people who are close to your heart.

Traveling will teach you that maybe; the next country that you’ll visit will be your next home, with all the love of those strangers you’ll meet and all those tropical winds that touch your bare skin. Through travel the world, you will believe that home is not about those people with blood relation; it’s about where you will feel loved.

But the most important thing, you will realize that traveling in your 20s is all about finding home within yourself.

Traveling will make you realize that actually it’s all about the love that you give to yourself; when you try to be brave in the middle of strangers, when you try to find the way back to the place you recognize, and to that courage you feel inside when you lost in the middle of nowhere. Traveling should teach you about happiness, about being comfortable in your own skin, and it should teach you that you can do everything that makes you brand new; anything that feels like being yourself.

Traveling in your 20s should teach you that nothing is impossible and your capability to reach your dreams is unlimited; it should make you love yourself and teach you to love yourself more than before. Traveling in your 20s teaches you to find an inner peace within yourself, that actually you don’t need a home within somebody else but you. At the end of the day, you have to know that traveling is not the key to find a home, you gotta be your own home.

It will make you realize that actually, you don’t need to go around the world to find a home; you just need to find it within yourself.

Next time you travel, make sure to yourself that it is a journey for you to appreciate your presence in this world. It is a gift from the universe to make you realize that you are worth to be existed and being alive. You are the soul that the universe loves the most and through traveling, you have to know that you are worth enough to leave a trace in the places that you’ve visited. Wherever you go on this earth, be your own home.