8 Shocking And Disturbing Fantasies People Confess To Having


Some of these are so utterly disturbing, I’m genuinely scared that there could even be the slightest chance of someone acting this out. And what’s scarier is that they’re not exclusively sexual. They’re about world domination and being evil… so, on that note, Happy Thursday? Want to freak yourself out more? Do so here.

1. A happy life with a naked woman who pretends she’s a cat.

I fantasize about ordering a pizza to be delivered. It is delivered by this beautiful girl with a baseball hat on with her pony tail tucked through the back. It is her last delivery for the night, and I ask her to stay for a bit. We have a couple of drinks and play Madden 11. One thing leads to another, and it turns out she really wishes she was a cat. I say she can live the rest of her life as my pet cat. So she takes off all of her clothes and puts on the human cat collar I have and drops a deuce in the litter box. The smell is intoxicating. She sleeps that night curled up at my feet, purring. The days that follow are a period of awakening in my life. I have purpose. I get a great job that pays $100,000 a year. I lose weight and become fit. She is my noble house cat. These are the happiest times of my life. We spend the mornings having her chase the red dot from my laser pointer. The afternoons are filled with trips to the fish hatchery. One day, about a year later, I’m awakened by gentle licking on my nose. Tied to her nose is an engagement ring. We get married in a simple ceremony on a cliff overlooking the beach. She has our first litter 2 years later. We live a happy life. On my death bed many years later, surrounded by offspring and grandkittens… as I breathe my last breathes, she whispers into my ear a gentle “meow.” I die. A life well lived, meow only a memory. -imaunitard

2. Ultimate power, especially over the elements.

Far too many things to count. But I have examples:

  1. Being a samurai.
  2. being able to control the elements.
  3. being able to control the periodic elements by creating a energy field by being able to completely control the energy/matter in my body.
  4. Knowing martial arts.
  5. knowing enough engineering to build something fun.
  6. Knowing enough physics to do something fun.
  7. Know enough chemistry to create something fun.
  8. Know everything and how the world would be if odds were therefor irrelevant to me.
  9. Owning a tiger.
  10. Having the power to control matter and energy and be able to warp them as I will.
  11. Being a Valkyrian Ice Guard (sect of the Imperial Guards [W40K]).
  12. being a Space Marine (W40K).
  13. Being a Captain in some great army.
  14. Creating a fortress and a militia where I live.
  15. Zombie apocalypse.
  16. Being a Dwarf.
  17. Being an Elf.
  18. Being a tiger.
  19. Being able to play the piano, the Bass and the drums.
  20. living in the Full Metal Alchemist universe (or any other cool Anime universe).

There are much, much more things on this list, but most involve animals, science, supreme armies or the absolute power over elements. -magnusthegreat

3. Torturing my rapist.

I have this same fantasy played out in my mind on how I would do it and how I could prolong it, and how I could put him in the worst possible pain without causing serious damage or killing him. After a few days of unimaginable horror, I would simply let him go and tell him to have a good day. I want him to live a long life, always with that horrible memory in the back of his head and every night he would have to drink himself to sleep, in hopes that the alcohol would make him unable to remember the nightmares. During the day, he would either live in fear and/or anger of what I’ve done to him, and how his life has suffered because of it. Maybe he’ll just silently suffer while doing everyday life things; maybe he’ll be unable to cope so he’ll turn to drugs or alcohol, thus making his life harder and shittier. But no matter what he does, he’ll always be angry and afraid, and he’ll never forget me. I want him to suffer for as long as possible. I want him to know how I feel every day. -throwing_garbage

4. Being killed.

This is weird, but I sometimes fantasize about saving a loved one’s life and dying in the process. Something very heroic. And to be honest, I want to be revered for it. I want it to end up on youtube and make it to the front page of Reddit. I want people to say “I wish there were more human beings like that”. I feel horrible that I want the glory for it (since “wanting glory” and “selflessly sacrificing yourself to save a loved one” are polar opposites to the ego), but it’s the truth. -howdidthatfappen

5. Post-apocalyptic rise to power and God-like reverence.

Walking the desolate wastes of a post-apocalyptic landscape alone save for my animal companion. People in the few settlements that have managed to survive in the harsh wilderness whisper about me-an unkillable, fearless legend. I was born for this, to survive in absolute chaos, no laws-only the strong and the weak.

I begin to attract followers-fellow rough men. Former criminals, or those, like me, who left behind civilization when the cities burned. We go from town to town, attracting more followers and spreading our influence. We conquer rival groups, stockpile weapons, take tributes. My legend grows, no longer am I a lone wanderer- now I am a king, a master of men. I forge an iron crown to show my power, and wherever I go knees bend to my will. One day I wander into a town full of people I knew before the end. They’ve heard the legends, they wonder who this king of the wastes is. The surprise on their faces when they see that the man who they will soon pay homage to. They knew me as a boy, and I was kind, funny. Now I am a god. That night, I call all the girls from my high school to my chambers… -i_do_not_show

6. The last moments before earth’s destruction.

Looking up and seeing a huge burning Meteor crashing down towards Earth, knowing that impending sudden death is upon us all. Bit strange when I say that out loud. I enjoy the thought, any way. -thankyouneldgtyson

7. Invincible, immortal, evil.

Being A) The ability of telekinesis on a molecular level, so invincibility and immortality, so basically the closest thing to a mortal God B) A 10 foot Wolfman, super strength,bullet proof, locked up in a facility and regarded as a dumb beast, until the day I prove them wrong C) A person donning a motorcycle helmet, super human strength and endurance, but not like Superman, who fights crime -toptlo

8. Being in a school shooting.

Most frequently is saving a crowd from a gunman or other sort of attacker, for example a school shooting. I’m not even a student, I’m a teacher, so that’s probably strange… But my mind has played out full scenarios of a disgruntled student with a gun coming into the class and whatnot. On a more personal/serious note, there’s a particular someone from whom I would love to get an “I miss you/want to be with you” text… And of course the universal winning the lottery. I wouldn’t even need a lot… Maybe a couple million I could invest and just live a comfortable life on the annual interest… -efram


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