8 Things You Need to Know Before You Date A Funny Girl


1. We will make fun of you.

But don’t take it to heart. We would never say something to really hurt you, so take our jokes about how long it took you to finally ask us out or how often you wear that one t-shirt with stride. A girl who is comfortable enough to make fun of you without having to worry about embarrassing herself is a girl that is definitely into you. Embrace it – make some playful jokes back to us and you’ll surely win our heart. Think of it as our weird way of flirting with you.

2. We are intense, but we also don’t take anything too seriously.

A funny girl can be intimidating to some people. Perhaps it is because we make vagina jokes with confidence, or that we are pretty much comfortable in front of any crowd – even the tough ones. We tend to make everything a big deal for the sake of a laugh, but that does not mean that we think that everything is a big deal. Regardless, this can be intimidating to some people and things can be lost in translation. The thing is, we typically don’t sweat the small stuff and are often ones to dissolve awkward situations. Don’t be afraid to approach something to us – awkward or not – because more than likely we’ll laugh it off.

3. But don’t get us wrong – we take what means the most to us very seriously.

Behind all of our laughter, sarcasm, and general playful attitude is a lot of depth. Just because we don’t tend to take most things seriously doesn’t mean that we don’t get down to business when it comes to what matters. Whether it’s family, relationships, jobs, or performance material, we don’t mess around with the things that mean the most to us. We are not the type to laugh at a funeral or joke around when a friend gets hurt. It actually may be in our nature to be even more protective of things that hold importance to us, because we know that it is what matters in life. We are passionate people, and when it comes down to it, we are going to give our all to nourish and cherish our family, our friends, and anything else that keeps us human.

4. Be prepared for late nights.

The comedy world is one that was created with night owls in mind. Whether we have a sketch show premiere, or we’re braving ourselves to do some stand up, or we’re performing with an improv ensemble…having a weeknight begin after 9:00 pm is not necessarily out of the ordinary. Prepare for a girl that likes her nights late and her coffee strong. It can be rough balancing a late night life, and while we don’t expect you to join us every time, we won’t exactly hate it if you want to come with us as we grab a drink after a show with our goofy friends. More than likely, we will be pretty tired all the time and would love someone to cuddle up with and watch some Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with us. A night in after a few weeknights out doing comedy can be as good as gold.

5. There is more behind our laugh.

A funny girl is more than meets the eye. It is well known that those who are in comedy tend to self-medicate with laughter. Like I said before, we are deep people. I remember a wonderful improv teacher who always talked about how we were probably made fun of a lot in high school – and it’s probably true for most of us! We are more than just quick wit and jokes – we have our issues to deal with and when we get close to someone, we aren’t afraid to share those deep secrets that fuel us to become better everyday. We are constantly in a vulnerable state as we put ourselves out there every week, but we might not always admit that. We have our quirks, and while we may be one to bring life to a party, there are the dark days, too. Sometimes a funny girl needs a break from making people happy and needs others to support her happiness.

6. We are good listeners.

It is in our trade to listen. We are listening to strangers’ conversations, our best friend’s stories, our mothers and fathers, and pretty much everything and anything around us. We are constantly grabbing material from real life, so don’t be surprised if you become a part of a stand up set, or if something you said last week becomes inspiration for an opening line in an improv show. Regardless, if you have something to say to us, we are listening to your every word, your body language, and your tone in order to assess how we should react to it. What you have to say is important to us and we are not ones to brush off what you say. So be sure that if you say something to us, you mean it.

7. We are probably (definitely) funnier than you.

And we have no shame in reminding you of that. In fact, it brings just joy to make you laugh. It brings us even more joy when you can make us laugh, but don’t try too hard. A funny girl likes it when you’re just being yourself. There is not much thought put into our conversational jokes, and we appreciate it when you humor us – even when we’re not funny.

8. We have a heart of gold.

A funny girl will buy you a beer, steal your heart, and kiss your mother the minute she meets her. We are the original good girls, so don’t take advantage of us. We are the no-frills, silly, lovely ladies that would do about anything for anyone that we care about. Including you.