8 Ways Your Life Improves When You Rid Yourself Of That Toxic Friend


1. You begin to feel true, uninhibited happiness.

Toxic friends can often bring us down in ways that we don’t notice. Whether it’s their continual negativity, the way they comment about what we do or who we choose to be around, or maybe something as simple as rolling their eyes at you—when you let go of them, you can take a deep breath and experience happiness without their continual judgment, rudeness, or bitterness.

2. You give yourself room for positive relationships.

When you let go of the toxic friend, you allow for new friends and relationships that are healthy, balanced, and fun. Instead of dealing with someone who doesn’t care for you, you give good people a chance to come into your life.

3. You feel much more relaxed.

Toxic friends have a way of sucking our energy. When you finally get rid of them, you don’t always have to feel on guard for something to go wrong. Instead, you can freely enjoy yourself and the people around you.

4. You become more self-confident.

More often than not, a toxic friend can depilate your self-worth without you even noticing. It might be something small, like making a comment about your outfit, or something huge, like poking fun at you in front of a group of people—whatever it is, losing that toxic friend means losing the negativity about yourself.

5. You learn to let your guard down and allow people in.

When you are no longer close with that toxic person, you can be open to not only new people, but not feel so on guard about what everyone does and says to you. Instead of thinking that everyone will treat your poorly, you can break down the walls you’ve built around your heart and feel comfortable trusting people again.

6. You become a better friend to others.

When you have a friend that treats you poorly, you sometimes unconsciously treat others poorly just because of the pain you’re feeling. When that toxic friend is no longer in the picture, you are not only happier, but more aware of how you treat others.

7. You learn your limits.

After you’ve gotten that person out of your life, you can take a hard look at who you are and what you need in a relationship. You begin to understand what’s important to you, what you need, and what you absolutely cannot put up with again.

8. You experience a drama-free life.

Hallelujah! Getting rid of that crappy friend means no more dealing with their moods, their poor treatment of you and others close to you, and no more drama! No longer will you be the middleman, the one who gets dragged into fights, or the person who’s forced to pick sides. Without the toxic friend, you can live freely and avoid that continual fountain of immature b.s.