Time Will Never Erase You


Do you still carry my
messy scribbles on your heart?
I carry your fingerprint smudges
that like to drag my chest down.

Time moves fast
So why can’t I rip you off of me
like how you ripped me.

Your fingerprints keep dirtying me
and caressing me with false light.
I try to wash you out of me
but scrubbing only makes me bleed.

What did I do to deserve your marks
on me that like to rust
as my tears make their way
to you.

What did I do to deserve your
everlasting touch
that makes me itch and scratch at
the scab you formed.

You always told me to stop biting my nails
and to stop picking at dead skin cells.
I guess you knew I was never going
to break that habit.

I try to rinse you out with soap and water
I dose my heart with bleach.
And even though it always stings,
I like that you’re still here.
I like that you’re something I can
constantly pick at.