89 Little Things I Realized I’m Grateful For During My Morning Commute


1. How sand feels in between your toes

2. Himalayan salt lamps

3. Hounds tooth

4. That you can talk to yourself or pretty much get away with any kind of erratic behavior in New York because chances are there is someone crazier than you within 5-10 yards

5. Kristen Chenoweth in Hairspray Live

6. The really cute Jamaican woman next to me this morning

7. Nail polish remover

8. Haagen Daz

9. Cold brew

10. Klonopin

11. Crocs (mom and baby are both wearing them and it’s so sweet)

12. Eyebrow pencil for the teeny gaps

13. Saunas

14. Journaling in the morning

15. Clipboards

16. Coconut oil

17. Opentable (in that I don’t have to speak to humans to book a reservation)

18. It’s a little cool out today

19. Rent the Runway, when applicable

20. Klonopin

21. My best friend’s new loft on the apartment on the Upper West Side

22. Having a somewhat leisurely morning, taking time to journal and set intentions for the week

23. That I got that script coverage done last night, because now it is done

24. My sister Rachel and I had a nice evening and when I became annoyed or like motherly I noticed, breathed and reset myself

25. Sneakers for the walk to work

26. Men in khaki pants

27. Chapstick at the office (need one in purse)

28. Leftovers

29. Crunch Gym

30. Oaxaca Taco, it’s so good, so cheap and so close that I kind of hate myself for never having gone before

31. Rumored new bacon emoji

32. Cool rain today

33. Maya Angelou quote poem on the train

34. Headspace app

35. No one stole my friend Ali’s phone or camera last night when she left it at the restaurant

36. Julie Andrews Netflix kids show about performing arts education

37. The new hire at work who’s cool as fuck and down to teach me things

38. My outrageous, no filter friends who crack me up

39. Mom for being cool with letting me write about her dating life

40. The air conditioning on the subway and how empty it is

41. For myself because I am honestly just really great and I’m proud of myself

42. Sleeveless tops

43. Deodorant because forgetting it is awful

44. My sister for when we were little, playing and joking around and making performances, that may have inspired me to be a producer

45. The casual dress at my new office

46. Overground train and that I can get to JFK for $5

47. Going to DC tonight

48. Warm weather

49. Pool

50. Mom making time for me

51. The air conditioning on the subway car

52. The line producer at the office who I can go to with anything

53. Having a newfound appreciation for a former colleague is happier and a better human

54. A good pedicure

55. Iced coffee

56. Camp Robindel

57. My dad

58. A last minute invitation, and being free to take it

59. Having a healthy dinner

60. Clean sheets already prepared

61. Sex (not that I’m having it, but for it)

62. That I’m clean

63. That my engaged friends found each other

64. That I get to sleep relatively late each day

65. New York Times Now App

66. Transparent TV show

67. Airplanes

68. Expedited check in

69. Laser hair removal

70. That people freelance and make their art and aren’t afraid

71. That mom is trying and did end up hearing me

72. Express train

73. Free bagels on Wednesdays

74. The running path on the West Side Highway

75. That I figured out where the Raines Law Room in Midtown is

76. Sunglasses

77. That I am getting out of town this weekend

78. Being single

79. Living in New York

80. Working in west village

81. Phones and that I can talk to people I love that are far

82. My boss for including me last night and making me feel like a valued team member

83. My life coach for hearing me and validating the idea that it’s okay to feel my feelings even if I am not proud of them

84. Gay rights

85. Work in the west village in a beautiful area

86. My apartment

87. My mom choosing to listen to me and truly being able to comfort me

88. Having a thin face even if I’m up a couple pounds

89. The chill vibe of my current job