9 Of The Best Ways To Celebrate Pride All Month Long


1. Read up on the history of Pride Month.

This month is definitely about celebration, and what better way to kick it off than to learn more about where it all started? It’s easy to get discouraged with the current state of things, so take this month to celebrate in how far we’ve come, get inspired by where it all began, and recharge to keep striving towards more progress.

2. Take the It Gets Better Pledge.

Join hundreds of thousands of people in the LGBTQ+ community that have pledged to stand up against hate and intolerance. Know that it will get better.

3. Participate in one of the many Pride events.

The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association has provided a global calendar including all 2018 Pride events. Find one near you, or make a trip out of it! This is truly the best time to immerse yourself in the community in a safe and accepting environment. It’s also the perfect opportunity to expand your social circle and make lasting friendships.

4. If you are an ally, read up on etiquette for said Pride events.

While it is great to be an ally of the community, this month is not about the allies. This is a celebration of a lifestyle that has been deemed illegitimate for far too long. Be mindful, be respectful, and educate yourself on things that you might not have considered to be harmful or ignorant.

5. Also, check out Nick Moutvic’s straightforward guide to Pride.

Learn from a veteran how to do Pride the right way, especially if it’s your first time attending.

6. Enjoy watching LGBTQ+ represented in various films or TV shows.

While they might not always exhibit the most accurate depiction, the fact that representation is growing with time is definitely worth celebrating. Have a Pride movie marathon with BFI Film Forever’s 30 Best LGBTQ+ Films of All Time

7. Listen to Same Love on repeat.

Five years later and this song is still as touching and beautiful as the day it was released. Love is love and what better way to express that than through a moving piece of music.

8. On a more serious note, in this time of acceptance and celebration, take a moment to learn your HIV status. 

You can visit HIV Care where they provide resources for getting tested, what to do once you’ve been diagnosed, and plenty of information from those who understand. Pride is a time to feel less alone, making it a good time to look out for yourself as well.

9. Embrace yourself!

Let yourself be who you really are. Take this time to learn to love yourself and express yourself no matter what you identify as. If you want to walk out in makeup, wear different clothes, or partake in any other medium of self-expression, this is your opportunity to do so without fear of being scrutinized.

Happy Pride!