25 Things Men THINK Women Want But We Could Not Care Less About


Every woman is different but most of them don’t care about the brand of your car or the size of your penis. They just want a man who treats them right. According to Ask Reddit, most women you’ll meet could not care less about these ‘popular’ things.

1. A man who works long hours

“Working in the tech field there’s a lot of men who wear their 100 hr work week like a badge of honor. It’s cool you like what you do, but when I hear you work that much I wonder if I’d ever actually see you if we dated. Work / Life balance is sexy.” — ScubaSam3265

2. A man who is always at the gym

“Recently talked to a guy who was convinced that all women are super into biceps and visible abs. So that is what he worked on at the gym, to the detriment of his lower body. I have no idea how his legs supported his upper body.

I’m not super picky about bodies, though am attracted to someone who makes an effort for themselves. Just not like that, good Lord.” — gloriousgoat

3. A man who ‘protects’ her

“We don’t want you to act like aggressive, competitive dickbags with other men or act overly jealous just because some guy looks at us. It’s a little scary actually.” — LiquidLady11

4. A man who only does ‘manly’ things

“I want you to be capable of taking care of our home, too. I don’t want you to do everything, I want you to do your share. I’ve seen so many relationships end because daily living activities were solely left up to the women whilst she already has a job too. You may think you can get away with it forever, but it will damage your relationship. No one wants to clean (not a lot of people) but clean is necessary for many reason. I honestly don’t think this is news but I do think its underestimated how important it is in your relationship. If you can make a game plan to split up chores and follow through- your woman will be so happy those stupid arguments will magically disappear.” — banisoup

5. A man with a lot of money

“Loads of money. I had a guy once take me out on a date and kept flashing his large wad of cash. It doesn’t impress me at all. I have my own money. Your money doesn’t do anything for me. I just got irritated and stopped talking to him once I got home.” — yourlocaldino1

6. A man who is highly intelligent

“If the dudes who’ve pursued me and the dudes I’ve dated are any indication, they think I want them to be smarter than I am. Nope. I want someone I can talk to. I don’t want to feel inferior. If we can hold a conversation and teach each other new things, that’s what I’m after. I don’t want you to fake intelligence in order to condescend to me. Be interested and interesting.” — ErrandlessUnheralded

7. A man with a nice car

“I honestly don’t care what kind of car a guy has. And I’m not impressed by overpriced streetwear and designer clothes.” — lauren-zo

8. A man who is taller than her

“I didn’t care about height until I tried dating guys who were my height (5’8″) or shorter, and man were they upset about it. Especially if I wore heels. Jesus, I wore them because I like them and I wanted to look nice for our date. If we’re wearing our good heels, we want to hear that we look great, not a mumbled sulky, ‘you’re tall.'” — thewidowgorey

9. A man who is unemotional and stoic

“This isn’t really overtly mentioned a lot, but I’ve met a lot of guys who are under the impression that if they show any type of perceived vulnerability to a woman, they’re less of a man. Things like showing play-annoyance at being teased, enjoying random, unusual things, or not knowing knowing exactly what to do 100% of the time in every situation. So I guess it would be men thinking I want a stoic, all-knowing, never feels pain kind of guy but in reality it helps build a connection when vulnerability is shown.” — WonderWhoopAss

10. A man with a big penis

“I really can’t speak for every woman, but I know a lot agree. Having a big penis. I am petite and I prefer average, maybe even a little below average. I can do so much more with it and not have to worry about him hitting my cervix (ouch).

Also, if you’re a ‘ladies man.’ being chased by tons of woman or doing the chasing is such a turn off. I prefer someone who can be satisfied with being alone and not needing attention from woman.” — ultimateturkeygravy

11. A man who treats her like a princess

“The ‘I’d do everything for you/treat you like a princess’-attitude. Just treat me like a normal person, be nice, be honest and that’s it. Expensive gifts actually make me feel bad and like I’m getting paid to spend time with a guy or like I owe him something.”  — unholymunchkin

12. A man with a full head of hair

“A full head of hair.

I see a lot of guys who are super self-conscious about being bald. Or balding.

I know there are a lot of women who are all ‘eww, he’s balding’ (especially the under 30 crowd) so it makes sense to me that men are super self-conscious about it, but for me personally I don’t give a shit and it only annoys me if I have to reassure you that I don’t care about your baldness.” — Iced_Vanilla_Latte

13. An man who considers himself an ‘alpha’

“Being an ‘Alpha.’ I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a guy describe himself as an alpha male (either directly or indirectly with characteristics) and it is seriously a huge turn off. All I hear is them saying they are overprotective, stubborn, insecure, unintelligent, and most likely mentally unstable and/or misogynistic.” — BuckeyeSF-LA

14. A family man

“You don’t have to want children at all. There are a lot of childfree women out there, myself included.” — mystical_flower

15. A man with confidence

“I’d much rather you be emotionally open than always act confident.” — ratherperson

16. A man who can win a fight

“Money, fancy car, huge muscles, the ability to win a fist fight.
Much more important: intelligence, good work ethic, responsible with money, self sufficient, kind, warm, honest. And good hygiene, of course!” — catdoctor

17. A man who is active

“I really don’t care if a man is SUPER healthy. I see guys on Tinder that post all of these pictures from the gym or hiking, but honestly those just scare me. I don’t want a man that wants to hike 10 mountains on Saturday, I want to party and/or eat pizza in my underwear. As long as they eat fairly healthy and exercise a little that’s good enough for me.” — RevengeVagina

18. A man who ‘provides for her’

“Being able to provide for me. I like my job and make decent money. Honestly, I think having a guy who would be okay with being a stay at home dad for a while would be awesome. I think there might be a lot more guys willing to do this, but society often looks down on them because for some reason the man should be the provider. We’re not hunting mammoths anymore. My lack of physical strength isn’t related to my money-making abilities. I’d love a guy who’s into cooking and cleaning and looking after kids and pets because most of the time those are boring chores to me.” — TZH85

19. A man who is pushy

“Men often think they have to be persistent and pushy in order to get someone. I get it, decades of film and TV have socialized men into thinking that if a girl walks away, they want to be grabbed. That if they stop responding to your texts, they actually want you to call them daily. That if they ignore you or say no outright, you should send them gifts and show up at their job.

Don’t do this! Trust women enough to take our actions and what we say at face value. Respect women enough to respond accordingly to that.

Nearly all woman have had a bad experience with a man that makes us very fearful for what a man is capable of doing when they’re “in love” or jealous or angry. You don’t want to add yourself to the roledex of people in her mind that are disrespectful and make her feel unsafe.

(Side note: I know it’s often hard to read emotions, especially if someone is not forthright with their words. But also look at it from our side and understand that if we’re not being clear, we might be worried of what reaction an outright rejection would elicit. Or maybe it’s just hard, idk people are complicated )” — cfan1995

20. A man with muscles

“You don’t have to have six packs to be attractive. I like tall guys by that I mean when they’re taller than me. And someone who is genuinely nice and is respectful and honest.” — Cheetahlesbian

21. A man who is sensitive

“Sensitivity. There’s a difference between being kind and empathetic/sympathetic and being so sensitive that you’re offended by everything.” — klompus1989

22. A man who is ‘perfect’

“Perfection. I don’t expect anyone to be perfect, but I completely expect honesty. If someone I am interested in lies to me, they would see how quickly my feelings change. In fact, it’s almost instant.” — kylajill

23. A man who is overly affectionate

“I hate when men call me honey or baby too soon out of the gate, and too often. On dating apps they always try to butter you up by telling you how beautiful you are and blah blah blah. Like I already know, can we please have a real adult conversation?” — nikkileee

24. A man who acts like an old fashioned gentleman

“Holding doors. I’m all for courtesy but this particular gesture lost most of its meaning when hoop skirts went out of fashion. If my arms are full, do please get the door. If your arms are full I’ll do the same for you. Otherwise it doesn’t matter.” — doublestitch

25. A man with a fancy job like a doctor or lawyer

“Big muscles. Big penis. Fancy shit. Doctor or lawyer with $$. NOPE. If someone wants to achieve all those things, go for it! Seriously, if you’re successful in life it’s more than okay to enjoy it. For me personally though, those things don’t sway me one bit.

The truth is that kindness is the most underrated quality. And when I use the word kind, I don’t mean someone who can’t/won’t set boundaries (aka ‘nice’), I mean someone who is thoughtful and respectful of others. Someone who has a healthy sense of self-respect will respect other people, and I feel it shows through kindness. It is SO much more important to be kind rather than right. And of course laughter because at the end of the day we all need someone who just makes us smile :)” — Team_JL