9 Reasons Why Being A Hockey Fan Sets You Up For Success


I’ve always wondered why I’ve had a better outlook on a lot of things life throws my way than my non-hockey watching friends. Then it clicked – I credit hockey for my positive mentality.

1. We know and welcome pain. The pain of having your favorite player on injury reserve. The pain of watching your team lose game after game. The pain of waking up hung over thanks to last night’s loss.

2. We know how to lose. We cry, curse, and drink but still wake up and put on our team’s colors the next day.

3. We know how to win. We cry, curse, drink, and wake up to put on our team’s colors the next day.

4. We know that winning and losing is a matter of dealing with pride.

5. We know how to network. Because are the best hockey fans not met ranting on twitter or posting memes on instagram?

6. We know how to bite our tongues. Like when we see someone wearing an opposing teams jersey at our home game, we smile and curse in our heads…unless we’re drunk, then we know how to chase away enemies.

7. We know how to work with really tight schedules. Do we not all plan our hectic lives around our team’s hockey games?

8. We know how to bounce back from anxiety attacks. Like when we watch shootouts, we all hyperventilate worse than a claustrophobe locked in a closet.

9. We know how to deal with idiots. Refs… ‘nuff said.