#SelfLoveThursday: Pursuing Your Dreams As A Woman


As girls, we’re taught from a young age not to dream big, and if we do, not to follow through with them.

I’m sure you can distinctly remember a few events where somebody, be it a teacher, a significant other, or a peer, told you to give up on a dream and let it die.

Maybe you forgot all about your dream, or you remember it but are afraid to pursue it. If you’ve forgotten it, it’s not to late to grab it back.

Everyone once had a dream, and everyone deserves to pursue it!

When I was a child, I wanted to be a lot of things. When I was six, I wanted to be a rapper. Then, when I was eight I wanted to be an artist. By 10, I wanted to be an author. After that, I wanted to be a fashion designer. By the time I was 16, I wanted to be realistic. I had all these skills I had honed for years, but wanted to choose a safe route for my parent’s and society. I aimed at a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing, and hoped to give up on all my “unrealistic” dreams and skills. I thought it was okay to compromise on myself, but I had no idea how much time I would be wasting.

Three years later, and two years into my now associate, not bachelor’s, degree in Fashion Marketing, I’m here to tell you that trying to abandon your dreams is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. Loving yourself is embracing your passions. Letting your passions and skills die is self-hate.

I still remember last year in the spring when I realized a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing just wasn’t the road for me. I still spent more time drawing, writing, and designing than I did doing business projects. Sure, I had the skills and was fully capable of being an excellent marketer if I chose to be, but it wasn’t a route I wanted to take if I could help it.

Since then, I’ve started and abandoned a dozen projects, but at no time during my journey have I completely stopped trying. Every week I do something that’s invested into my dreams,whether that be working on my graphic design skills, writing a few poems, drawing a picture, applying to design positions, or working on my blog, I know that practice makes perfect and that to completely give up on my original dreams would be to give up on myself and my abilities.

As women, we’re often pushed into mediocre careers. You might have wanted to be an engineer, but somehow you’re in teaching. You may have wanted to be a stand-up comedian, but now you’re a receptionist. Maybe you wanted to travel the world with a food truck business, but instead you’re a nurse. It’s not too late to turn back around. It’s not too late to give back to yourself.

Think back in your mind to when you were a kid or a teen, and remember what it was you loved to do. Was it computer skills, like modifying Myspace layouts? Did you love to help your parents in the garden? Did you spend your days inventing things? Singing? Playing an instrument? Painting? On the debate team? Involved in math? Reading about astronomy?

Everyone once had a dream, and it probably isn’t whatever you’re doing now. A life lacking in self-fulfillment is a poor life indeed, and no matter your finances, you can afford to at least re-hone your skills and fall in love with yourself and your dreams again. Anything is possible.

The best way to love yourself this Thursday is by remembering what it is you first loved, and taking that step into loving it again. Practice whatever your dreams entail, and watch as your world becomes clearer and more full of love.