9 Things Extroverts Need To Understand About Their Introverted Friends


1. They need space. Like…physically. Nothing makes an introvert quite as uneasy as someone who gets really close in their personal bubble. That doesn’t mean they don’t like affection, but like, you know, don’t stick your face in their face. Actually, don’t do that to anyone. That’s weird.

2. They don’t share your same energy levels in social settings. What you think isn’t a big deal might be a huge outpouring of effort to them. Don’t assume they can party all night just because you can.

3. Being told to just have fun doesn’t work. It makes them feel even worse that it’s not coming to them naturally.

4. They don’t mind pockets of silence. To them, awkward silence is not awkward. Consider their ability to be quiet with you and not fill every space with endless words a huge compliment. They’re comfortable with you. They don’t feel like they’ve got to put on an act.

5. It’s not that they dislike people. They just don’t like to be surrounded all the time. They have a very rich internal world and when there’s a ton of external stimuli, it can be draining.

6. They can still be introverted even if they aren’t shy. You’d be surprised how many performers (and people who spend a lot of time in the spotlight) are actually very introverted. Shyness isn’t the same thing as introversion.

7. They prefer doing things with you alone vs. being part of a large gathering. Yes, they will join you at a party every now and then. But it’s never their first choice. They’d much rather chill one-on-one.

8. So, if they do join you in a larger outing, it would REALLY help them out if they knew who was coming beforehand. They aren’t as go-with-the-flow as you are. They like to know details so they can mentally prepare.

9. Sometimes you’re a lot for them to handle. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love you or that they wish you were different. They’re constantly inspired by your spontaneity and ability to talk to anyone, anywhere. But there are times when they need to recharge without you. I know it feels personal, but seriously, it’s not. They promise.