9 Ways Life Is So Much Richer When You’re Dating The Right Person


1. There’s someone you love waiting to hear about your day.

It sounds cheesy, but having that knowledge can make trudging through a sluggish 9-5 worth it. Someone wonderful will be there, waiting to kiss you or talk with you, or just snuggle up and watch Netflix. That’s such a lovely feeling. It’s precious, knowing you’ve got someone to come home to.

2. You stop stressing about looking cool.

You aren’t trying to constantly impress someone with superficiality or things you think will make them like you. You aren’t driving yourself crazy trying to keep up some perfect facade. When you’re with the right person, you can just have fun. You can be who you are and not feel pressured to be anything else. It’s so much more freeing. And so much more energizing.

3. You’ve got a built in plus-one who will make boring obligations enjoyable.

That wedding you’ve been dreading for your third cousin who you haven’t talked to in seven years is magically fun when you’ve got the right person with you. Even mundane things like grocery shopping can become weirdly fun.

4. You don’t play games.

The right person is not someone you have to stress over WHEN or how quickly you should text them back. None of that ridiculousness matters. You’re building a real, adult relationship and leave games for the kids.

5. Your heart and gut are finally in agreement.

Sometimes we want conflicting things. You can have feelings for someone who, down deep, you know isn’t right. It’s confusing! When you’re with the right person, all of that nonsense just goes away. Your heart and brain and gut and whatever else you count on are all giving you a thumbs up. You never have to question your person.

6. You’ve got a support system.

Obviously, this isn’t JUST something you get when you date someone. Support systems often include our family, friends, people we’ve known for years and years. But there’s a special kind of connection when the person you’re in love with is also someone you can count on. They are your biggest cheerleader. Sharing successes with them (and failures) is a wonderfully sweet feeling.

7. There’s an abundance of laughter.

Silliness and joy are so important in life. When you’ve got a life partner to truly enjoy life with, it makes everything funnier and lighter and better. You might even get better abs from all that laughter! One can hope, right?!

8. You grow to love yourself even more.

There’s this idea that you have to 100% love yourself before falling in love with someone else. While I think having a healthy self-esteem is always good, that idea is false. Sometimes people come into our lives and fill us with so much security and understanding that it HELPS us reach our full potential. Someone loving you isn’t a fix. But it can remind you that you ARE someone worth loving. The relationship you have with yourself can grow stronger when someone else loves you too.

9. The scary moments are still scary, but they feel more manageable.

Having a partner does not mean you are immune to pain or tragedy. Life will always remain unpredictable. But having someone, the right someone, by your side when the rain starts to pour can help you get through it. Sometimes we grow stronger just by having a person to lean on when times get tough.