Please, Take Control Of Your Life


The clock is ticking. You seem to have lost your way.

You don’t know where you stand in life; you don’t even know who you are anymore. Life seems like this goddamn puzzle that you you don’t know where to start patching.

Time flies. You see your friends making it big in life. Life is truly on there side, or so you think. You curse the day you met them, the day you invited them in your life with a simple ‘hi.’

So many questions go around your mind. Voices are in your head are never-ending. Your thoughts are in total chaos. You feel like you are going crazy, if you haven’t already.

Family and friends ask questions. Questions you probably have no answers to. Not even close.

You take a look back to your past. You think about all of your dreams and how bright your light shone at the time. You hurt on the inside. It’s hard, I know.

You probably have the answers to any questions poised to you, the good ole’ ‘fuck off,’ triggered silently in your heart. But one thing, one question you never had the guts to answer, the one question that your heart has been asking: “Where did I go wrong?”

It haunts you every night as you drink yourself to sleep. You wake up in the morning and it’s still there. In the face of this question, you aren’t bold enough. In the face of this question, you are beaten over and over again to the ground without a hand to help you up. In the face of this question, you are helpless.

You wake up in the morning each and every day in misery. You wish for the world to open up and swallow you whole, as if you never existed, but that’s impossible. You feel like you are reliving your misery over and over everyday.

You look your yourself in the mirror each and every morning and all you see is misery, disappointment, and weakness. There is a guilt inside of you which just happens to come out of the blue. You wish you could be like someone else, in a much better place. You feel inferior, unwanted.

But one thing you don’t realize is how beautiful you are, on the inside and out. One thing you don’t realize is the perfect imperfection you are, powerful in ways that cannot be explained.

But one thing you don’t realize is how much loved and valued you are. You are cared for in the ways you don’t see just because of your judgement, just because of your clouded perspective.

One thing you don’t realize is how good you are being you. One thing you don’t realize is your abilities, the powerhouse you are. The only thing you have to do is to rescue yourself from the bad dream you are in.

All I ask of you is to stop being hard on yourself. It’s not your fault that you are in such a position.

Stop the reprimands and self hatred. Listen. Listen keenly. Listen to the voice from deep within. Awaken. Set yourself free. Let go everything and just listen to your inner self. You are BETTER than this.

Only then will you have the answer to the single question that you never dared to answer. Only then will you realize that you are the answer you have been seeking.

One thing I’d like you to do is to wipe those tears. One thing I’d like you to do is to take a leap of faith, believe in yourself even at the times when all will seem impossible.

One thing I’d like for you to do is to rewrite the story that’s you.