A Goodbye Letter Since This Story Is Finally Over


It’s funny how timing can be an absolute bitch. I never realized this could be true until I met you.

I had to drag my sister out of the house the night we met. She wasn’t sure she wanted to go out, but I talked her into it anyways. I’m glad I did. Her and I were bar hopping that night and ended up at the bar you were at. I never knew you before that evening. My sister knew the group of people you were with so it was by chance that we ended up talking.

We ended up talking. It’s probably because we both didn’t know anyone else besides the people we came with. You told me of your plans to move across the country within the next month. I was envious and excited for you. From what I remember it was an effortless exchange. You asked me for my number that night.

I reached out to you a couple of weeks later, but decided to ditch you last minute. You asked for a raincheck, but never really followed up with me. For some reason, I ended up reaching out to you again and we finally met up for drinks.

We had the best time and I think at that moment we both realized how unlucky we actually were. If the situation was different I think we would have been together. How do you make it work living on opposite ends of the country?

That didn’t really stop us. We continued to keep in contact daily. It’s hard when you’re living an airplane ride away while still trying to get to know each other. It’s beyond difficult.

I can’t look into your eyes when we are having a conversation. You can’t hug me when I’m down. We can’t hold hands while walking next to each other. You can’t come over on a whim and watch movies with me. You can’t kiss me after every date.

And this is where it needs to end.

For a very short time I was living in a whirlwind with you. You are special to me. But, to hold on to something undefined and with someone living so far away is hard and may not be worth the pain. There was a reason I met you and I don’t think our story is over.

For now, I hope fate continues to be in our corner and maybe one day we end up where we’re supposed to be.

Until then.