A Lesbian Music Playlist


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While it’s hard to say what constitutes “lesbian music,” it’s sort of like Potter Stewart said about porn, “I know it when I see it.” And I have heard a lot of great lesbian music. It wasn’t hard to compile a playlist of songs by, for or about lesbians. Or heck, even just “songs lesbians like for some reason.” (I’m looking at you, Sade!) As a bisexual woman, I love lesbian music. It’s empowering and fun and if you’ve never been to an Ani DiFranco concert, I highly suggest it. It’s a lovely gathering of women (and some sensitive dudes) having a GREAT time.

On one end of this playlist, we’ve got men like Jens Lenkman and Jonathan Richman appreciating the troubles, world and bars of lesbians or JC Chasez accusing lipstick lesbians of doing it for attention. These can be frivolous and fun, if maybe a bit insulting. Their songs are sprinkled throughout.

But more importantly, lesbians are a creative bunch. They make smart guitar ballads and sexy dance jams and twangy folk tunes all about the lesbian experience. Get into it! There’s a wealth of talented lesbian and bisexual and pansexual artists with awesome songs about lovin’ ladies and being a sapphic Sally. From the queen Melissa Etheridge to twin lezzie crushes Tegan and Sara, to the Indigo Girls, kd lang and the punky Au Pairs.

Did you know one half of Nina Sky is a lesbian? Or that P!nk did a song about lesbian sex with Peaches? Or that Tracy Chapman has never officially come out? Fun facts!

Here’s a 60+ song playlist of music by lesbians (The Butchies, Joan Jett, Sleater-Kinney), for lesbians (Liz Phair, Patti Smith, Tori Amos) and about lesbians (Elton John, PJ Harvey, Weezer).

So as Ani sings, are you in or are you out?

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