A Letter From The Girl You Didn’t Choose


He started every morning with good morning beautiful and ended every night with I love you always.

That’s what kept you sane, that’s what kept you happy. Knowing that everyday you had this person that loved you that you could turn to for anything and everything under the sun. What you didn’t know that there isn’t always truth behind words.

There is truth behind actions. In his actions were drinking, lots of drinking, partying and many instances where you felt unsure of his trust. Every morning it started with a text that kept you convinced, kept you thinking there is no way no way that he would be doing this to hurt me, he loves me. He spent college with me, graduations, weddings, sunsets, fire works, traveled across the world together. There is no way that he is intentionally hurting me over and over again. He just must not be thinking, people make mistakes right?

When you are in love you don’t see things for what they are, you look for the good in the other person. Over in over again he told me he would change, he would give up the party scene because he loves me and wants a future together. At the end of the day the lesson you have to learn is that even though you love someone with every inch of your being you cant convince them that the sky is blue if they see it as the color green.

You can’t force them to see past the bullshit, the partying will end, the “boys nights” will get old and you will eventually realize that all of the girls throwing themselves at you every night do not compare to the one that was by your side through it all. So to all you fuck boys of this generation I hope you read this before it is to late. I hope that when you find someone who is true to you and loves you with all of her heart that you keep her. I hope that you are not careless with love, because in this generation it barely exists as it is.

I hope that you realize your mistakes before they become lessons learned, and I hope that you do not have to live in regret. She will move on, someone else will treat her how she truly deserves, and karma will hit you for causing another human so much pain. To those who don’t take this advice, you will wish you did when reality sets in.

There’s enough hurt in this world be careful what you choose over love.