31 Times When Listening To ‘Ok Computer’ By Radiohead Is An Emotionally Bad Idea


1. When it’s raining or the air smells of rain.

2. When it’s overcast and the air is still, especially if you’ve not spoken to anyone all day.

3. In the fall, if you’re single.

4. At the end of the party.

5. When reading old letters or emails from people you no longer speak with or who are dead.

6. When you are hungry and there is no hope of food.

7. After you’ve watched the news and the stink of helplessness and isolation still lingers in the room.

8. When seeing old friends.

9. After watching MLK’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech.

10. While high.

11. While drunk.

12. After a breakup when you are either high or drunk.

13. While reading Nietzche or Baudrillard. On second thought, this could be a very good idea if you are also drinking and in a generally fine mood. Make sure it’s a bright summer day.

14. When lying in bed remembering past embarrassments.

15. When driving at night, especially in the country.

16. As a way of reliving your musical youth in a mix intended to be fun.

17. While shopping or thinking of shopping.

18. While considering your next career move or wondering whether you will get a raise this year.

19. On a first date unless you are both nihilistic drug addicts.

20. While eating…alone.

21. Before or after church.

22. While driving to a funeral.

23. Over breakfast because you thought you could handle it.

24. While reading poetry of any kind but especially regarding poets who have a penchant for making meaninglessness seem palatable and/or inevitable.

25. When you haven’t had enough sleep or have had too much sleep.

26. After an argument with someone you love.

27. On a long train ride.

28. While sitting in a dorm room with new friends that you don’t necessarily trust and you’re not sure you like.

29. Before sex is fine and possibly good but do not listen either during or after sex. This goes double if this is your first time with them.

30. Before therapy.

31. When you wake up in the morning and “Airbag” is stuck in your head for absolutely no reason and you think listening to it will help .