A Letter To My Future Wife, Part III: I’ve Been Finding Pieces Of You All Around Me


When I wrote to you two months ago, I was wondering where the hell you are in this world. Now I’ve come to realize that maybe you have been all around me and I’m just starting to realize it.

I’ve always wondered if I have already met you and I just don’t know you’re the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with, or if we have still yet to cross each other’s paths. There have been times when I thought, “Maybe… could this be it? Like, is this going to be for real this time?” only to have it blow up in my face at every turn.

That’s when it hit me:

I have found pieces of you along this road to love, but I’ve yet to see them all put together.

I’ve looked into your eyes.

I’ve looked into the eyes that pulled me in as if a lasso were wrapped around my body and violently yanked forward. I’ve looked into the eyes so deep that I’ve gotten lost in them for what feels like hours. I’ve looked into the eyes that I can stare at for the rest of my life.

I’ve seen your smile.

I’ve seen the smile that illuminates the room. I’ve seen the smile that forces me to do the same, uncontrollably and without fail. I’ve seen the smile that makes me want to be the reason for its existence each and every single day.

I’ve met your personality.

I’ve met the compassionate soul who is considerate of others. I’ve met the person who has the drive to chase her dreams, the independence to chase them alone, and the maturity to put her priorities in order. I’ve met the personality that I want to be around in any capacity possible.

I’ve felt the hair I want to run my fingers through forever. I’ve tasted the lips I want to kiss forever. I’ve glazed my hands along the skin I want to touch forever. I’ve held the warm embrace that I never want to let go of. I’ve gathered so many pieces of you along the way that the picture should be clear by this point.

But there is one key component I’ve yet to find: that special something.

I call it that because I don’t know if there is a way to properly describe what it is. It’s a combination of things.

It’s the spark that draws us together. It’s the chemistry that puts us together. It’s the commitment that keeps us together. It’s the teamwork that will have us stay together.

For all the pieces you I have come across on this journey, scattered along the ground, this is the one that will put it all together when finally discovered. While I don’t know when I’ll find it, one thing I know for certain is that once it is in my possession, I’m never letting go.